Pompey urge fans to be nice to Redknapp


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Portsmouth fans have been urged to go easy on Harry Redknapp when he returns to Fratton Park on Saturday.

Redknapp, now in charge at Tottenham will return to his former club this weekend, where some Pompey fans are still angry by how he left the club.

He said: ‘Obviously we all know what reaction he will probably get.

‘I just hope the fans will be fair and realise the success that Harry brought to the club, which was absolutely tremendous.

‘I know people say “oh you’re biased because he’s your friend” but he has brought great success to this football club: the highest league position in post-war, seven years in the Premier League, winning the FA Cup – you can’t have any more than that.

‘Harry’s a top-quality manager and I think there will be a lot of people here who will appreciate that. Yes, obviously he will get some sort of stick and he knows that but I think you have to remember the job he’s done for the club.

‘He has always openly said that if what he perceived to be a big job came along he would like that opportunity – and he’s doing that very successfully.

‘I just hope there’s a balance in the fans’ reaction at the game.’

Storrie added: ‘He’s getting great success at Tottenham and I hope that continues. Well, apart from two games against us. Then he can have all the success he wants.’

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  1. Not sure who gave you these quotes, but they are clearly rubbish – “highest league position in post-war” – er, what about the back to back league championships in 49 and 50??

  2. theyve got the hump with him because he got them success fa cup etc and a good payout when he left plus good money for most of the players he bought etc…….english disease of amnesia etc when it suits and not liking a winner moving on……

    still portsmouth are going down regardless due to the fact they have sold there squad …..which is a bit stupid dont you think?

  3. Personally I hope old twitchysatchelfacebagpussjudasscumknapp gets a right old beating at the hands of the current first team in a similar fashion to when our neighbours up the road got soundly thrashed 4-1 at the park.

  4. english disease of amnesia, billiospur?
    You mean the one Spurs fans got when a winner like Sol Campbell moved onto a bigger club –

  5. Harry did bring great success and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for that. However, the manner in which he left the club was a disgrace and showed utter contempt for the club and its fans. If he had shown just a little bit of class, rather than jumping in his car and heading up the M3 approximately 20 seconds after getting the call from spurs, we would've forgiven him. How could he behave like that especially after his earlier foray 'down the road'? He deserves all the stick he's gonna get.

  6. pompey rob? ……the club got compensation for the exchange which levy payed fair and square…the problem is …..no one has been able to replace him which is not redknapps fault…..but a lack of good english coaches etc

  7. To Harry, Jermain, Croughiegoals, and Niko (and Spurs fans).
    All the very best for the rest of this season- except for when you play Pompey.
    Guys, thanks for the memories – some of the best of my life.

  8. not a chance ….. his visit when he managed our feeder club down the M27 will pale into insignificance to what he will experience this time ….. good luck Judas


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