Redknapp admits Tottenham are watching Kjaer


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Harry Redknapp has confirmed that he has been watching Palermo defender Simon Kjaer.

The 20-year-old Danish international has been impressing for the Serie A side and has been linked with a move to White Hart Lane due to the fitness doubts over Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate.

Redknapp said: “We looked at him but we have not made a bid.

“I have been to Italy the last couple of weeks. We go there to look at people who have been recommended.

“We follow up leads but I’m not sure yet which game I’ll go to this weekend.

“That’s the fun out of it for me. I go somewhere every Sunday. I go to watch games in Holland or Italy. I love watching games.”

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  1. Once again Harry got it wrong, Why the hell did he take rose off and leave Jenas on? Jenas was garbage, then he is insisting on selling Pav when he came on he scored a good goal, if he had brought him on against wolves and stoke instead of leaving him on bench then he could have grabbed a vital goal but harry is too stubborn

  2. Harry Redknapp is a chancer and is way out of his depth at spurs, another manager could pick the right team to play week in week out and give them the self belief and correct mental attitude we so badly lack. Also, i’m no genius, but, if Bale is not great at defending, but, great going forward, would it take a genius to play him as our left winger. Believe me arry will leave us as yet another manager to achieve nothing. I wish i was wrong, but i’ve seen this film before, many times.

  3. ShinyShoes, correct you are no genius, in fact you are an idiot. And the other mug who has commented. If Harry is so useless, how come we are in 4th spot? get a grip.

  4. We may be in 4th now but we’ll be lucky to to finish top 6 this year. I think Liverpool and Man City will be too strong for us.

  5. Problem is Spurs have not had a manager ruthless enough to lay down the law,boot out the dross and dominate the club in the way Fergie and Wenger and Mourinho and Huddink do. This is the difference between a good manager and a great one. We have built a club on history and sentiment and that the same with the players. We play them coz we love them, not coz they are the right players for the job.

  6. reply to howard webb blah blah blah.
    Yes we are 4th, but with that squad of talent at the lane we should be challenging for the top spot with the way the supposed top 4 have been inconsistant, but, we won’t finish 4th or 5th. Man utd, chelsea & arsenal all made us look average to poor due to arrys team selections and tactics & the stoke, wolves & hull games were just an embarressment. Could you ever imagine Arry in charge of any of the long term top 4. You get a grip, you’re not a realist. Tottenham won’t make that leap until the right man is in charge. I’ve supported them for long enough to not spot the signs.

  7. Howard webb u disagree with my point so you must think Jenas played well and Pav as been treated well, you have mugged yourself off you muppet probably a gooner anyway


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