Redknapp: No chance of Bale sale


Gareth Bale

Hands off Gareth Bale is the message from Harry Redknapp after the Spurs winger scored a hat-trick in the 4-3 defeat to Inter Milan.

Spurs were 4-0 down within 35 minutes and had Heurelho Gomes sent-off, but an inspired performance from Bale saw the Welshman score three fantastic second-half goals.

Redknapp said: “He’s an amazing young player. He plays left-back, he plays wide left, he scores goals, he can run all day.

“Even first half, he gave the right-back a torrid time, I felt.

“The right-back’s one of the best right-backs in the world, possibly.”

“Tottenham is a club that is looking to progress, not to sell its best players.

“If Tottenham sell Gareth Bale now, it would send out the wrong signals; it would be a club that would be a selling club.

“He’s a player that we hope to build a team around. He signed a new contract at the club and, hopefully, he’ll be here for a good few years to come.

“If Tottenham progress and become a Champions League team on a regular basis, he’ll become a big part of the team.”

He added: “You couldn’t meet as nice a boy. I think he’s happy where he is and he’s developing as a player.

“A year ago, he’s nowhere near that player that we see now.

“This is where he belongs and this is where he’ll progress.

“There’s no way that the club would or should contemplate ever selling him at the moment, certainly not in the near future.

“We should be looking to improve the team, not sell when we get an offer for one of our very, very best players.”

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  1. Does anyone remember that goal Micheal Owen scored against Argentina? It announced him onto the world stage as a very special talent and the world sat up an took notice. Well last night was another one of those moments, not only did he announce himself he has pushed himself way to the front of the queue of everyones shopping list and whilst it is extremely flatering it is at the same time worrying with the oil rich barons and the Russian mafia boss licking their lips in anticipation of a possible sale because being a realist who at 21 would not be swayed by talks of unspeakable riches? I read this week that Harry thinks that we are possibly two players away from having a proper go at the big boys and mounting a serious challenge for the title, ok who are these players? With the best will in the world we won’t lure the biggest names to our club given that we are still only a fledgling club in terms of our ambitions. What we need is a Klinnsman moment a player of high quality who we must be prepared to pay otherwise we just cannot compete. When Klinnsman came there was no oil rich money or Russian billionaire and really do we have time to wait and try to unearth the next Kaka or Messi? The answer is no. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we should do a Leeds but maybe it’s to time that we as a club need to reevalueate what our ambitions are and how best to move toward achieving it. Our current wage structure is in place for a good reason but given the new stadium developments I’m pretty sure our fans won’t mind paying more to put us up back where we once were. How true was this rumour? When we paid 11 million for Rebrov it was rumoured that we could have had both him and Shevchenko for the combined fee of 19 million now I don’t know how true this is or was but in my mind had it been the case then yes we should have paid it reaped the benefits of having a proven strike partnership as I say it was only a rumour at the time but it goes some way to illustrate what we are facing now, personally I do think we missed a trick with letting Darren Bent leave. Not because he is now gone and is banging in the goals because we had him and he was still scoring even with the limited pitch time ok that miss against Pompey was a shocker and maybe Harry could have held his opinion on it but I always felt and knew he was a fantastic striker. Yes there are those that would say that we paid too much for him and I would agree yes maybe we should have only paid 12million for him but wait a while it won’t be long before you see him at Manchester United doing what he has done everywhere he’s gone and that’s scoring goals. But that’s spilt milk. Back to the present we must hang to the likes of Bale, Modric, Hudd, VDV, Defoe, Lennon these guys are our futures we must now spend if we want to compete, fourth again this year would be good but as a club it means that all we have done is to stay the same which is an achievement when we aren’t throwing trailer loads of cash at it but this year we must be overturning the red lot down the road. Every year they are in the champions league as a seeded team so is it any wonder that they have the money they do and as much as it pains me to say it we have to take a page from them and manage ourselves in a similar fashion. We have to enhance our brand image to make ourselves attractive to the next Kaka or Messi. Lillywhitetilidie.


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