Redknapp: Cole chose Liverpool for footballing reasons


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has wished Joe Cole all the best after he opted to join Liverpool.

The midfielder left Chelsea at the end of last season and was wanted by Redknapp at Tottenham.

“We tried our very hardest to get him. The chairman made Joe a fantastic offer,” Redknapp wrote in his column in The Sun.

“But, in the end, we were competing with a club that has years and years of tradition and a reputation as one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“I got a lovely message from Joe to inform me of his decision.

“He explained it. I think he wants to move for football reasons. He wants to be part of a transformation at Liverpool. I think maybe getting away from London and a clean break was part of it too. Whatever his reasons he has been genuine the whole way through. Joe is a bit of a throw-back, if you like.

“He has class and his manners are impeccable. I will always see him as the 11-year-old boy I first clapped eyes on at West Ham and I can only wish him all the best and hope his move is successful.

“Everywhere I went this summer Spurs fans were asking me ‘Are we going to get him?’ Daniel Levy pushed the boat out for him, he really did.

“No one can fault the effort we made to try to get him but it wasn’t to be and I fully respect Joe’s decision.”

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  1. Harry is right 90 thousand a week reasons. Liverpool have done the only thing they could do like Leeds did they have Gambled on getting back in the champions league and hoping the banks stay away till a mug is found to take over there ever increasing mountain of Dept. Dont fall for Harry take on this he is to close to Cole to say anything bad about him and Joe new this when he told Harry he is going to the Duracell Bunnies because since is knee injury he has lost a few yards of pace and Liverpool have a good Physio who helped Liverpool find that fast Tempo and will help Joe slim and go quicker . Woy is no stranger to this type of high Tempo Football and baffled Football fans by turning is Team into a mean lean fit high Tempo machine . This is what attracted the Liverskint board to employ woy They are betting if he can turn a relegation team into a good team then what can he do with better players time will tell if Joe has made the wrong choice but he wont be to bothered because he has 90 thousand a week to help him .

  2. year 90,000 footballing reasons a week plus a couple of million footballing reasons up front.transformation my a**e just another player that will disappear at liverpool.they have a tradition of taking a decent footballer and making him sh*t.ryan babel dirk kuyt just recently unless there through the academy liverpool cant nurture talent.still a 2 man team even with cole
    5th place next season

  3. Harry should concentrate on our players and stop bloody commentating every single day,
    What the heck J. Cole got to do with Spurs.
    `Arry, get on with your job don`t try to be media whore.
    You are football manager not Alan Hansen for Gods sake.

  4. We must have the nicest manager in the World and his son Jamie . They are being diplomatic and Harry was told by Joe is knee is swelling after every game and could he just play once a week and Train with Ledley Harry even thou he loves Joe like is own son had to tell him he would have to buy is own Bike and costume and pay for is swim Joe said Harry you have known me since i was eleven Harry said its Levey he wont pay more than 70 grand and you will have to play twice a week. . Joe wiped away a tear and said to Harry please don't tell the media and fans why i signed for Woy or they will call me a greedy little fat face money grabber remember we are both east-end Boys Harry waved goodbye Grumbling under is breath greedy little bastard.

    • Many a true word said in jest,still he wont be cluttering our treatment room so alls well that ends well.No guarantee that the yank shysters will pay his money every week for the next four years,they are close to skint.This is another reason not to let dodgy foreigners get ownership of our football clubs

  5. niko and luka, total bullshit if u ask me, never wanted him at the lane in the first place enough said from my point of view.

  6. Makes you laugh, footballing reasons, what a load of shite. 65000 a week and champions league, 90000 a week and Europa league. Sack of shit. Mind you, Huddlestone, Modric and Kranjkaer are better than the prat anyway. Injury prone tosser.

  7. Joe Cole is a great player and i'm sorry we didn't get him. He will do well at Liverpool and will play everyw week, not sure he would have played every weeek at Spurs but would have been a good addition to the squad. I for one was dying for him to play for England at the world cup but maybe Capello knows something i don't!

  8. I kinda getting worried over our transfer plans this summer…………..what the hell is our beloved club doing? This is a rare moment where we should capitalize on our CL qualification by gunning for top, top players like Fabiano, Dzeko, Cole, Huntelaar., Van der Vaart, Kjaer etc!!! If we failed to finish the top 4 next season, we will never be able to attract these top players to Spurs…………so this is the right time to make a move for them. Spend the case and get rid of this max 60k salary cap!!! We need to sign a top player like Rooney, Villa, Torres, Drogba, Milto, Etoo………someone who can make a difference to the team!

  9. Cole is probably laughing at Harry and his sentimental nonsense. Then again he probably used it to get a better deal.


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