Redknapp criticises Keane detractors


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Harry Redknapp has jumped to the defence of Robbie Keane, labelling those who criticise the Tottenham skipper as ‘clueless’.

Keane returned to White Hart Lane in January after an ill-fated stint at Liverpool, but has yet to produce the performances that made him a crowd favourite before he left.

Redknapp feels that those who do not appreciate Keane’s contribution to Spurs are just showing their own ignorance of the game.

“I hate it when I hear people criticise him. He played a massive part in keeping us up last year – it’s no coincidence we went on a great run when he arrived.

“I felt the atmosphere around the place changed when he came because of the bubbly character he is. I felt he was vital to us last season. I thought ‘if Robbie comes back, we’re going to be okay’.

“That’s the type of feeling he gave me. I felt he was a key signing because he was a personality as well.

“When he plays he’s been great for us. it’s difficult for people to understand what it takes to make a football team.

“It isn’t always just about having a team of superstar players – you need certain characters who make a difference to you, in the dressing room and on the pitch.

“All the good teams have those type of people. He talks to players in the dressing room and on the pitch and gets people lifted around him. He gives you all that and that’s so important.”

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  1. This is playing Robbie out of position without Lennon in the team should not have happened and its this that upset the fans.Robbie would be the first to admit is form has been patchy and this is i believe down to two things Berbatov leaving and Liverpools treatment of a great goal score .He will come back from this but it will take time and a lot of love from all spurs fans and will will be shouting there’s only one Keano once again.

  2. Clueless? I don’t think so…he may be a fantastic man in the dressing room but he is a detractor to spurs going forward…do we need more proof than us scoring 9 with Robbie on the bench? The sooner he is dropped the better

  3. Agree………think Harry got it all wrong. What the critics say is that Keane cannot play on the left………1st choice strike force should be Crouch and Defoe. As for left wing, Niko or Modric would be better off there. Cannot believe that Harry is saying that Keane is important to Spurs because he TALKS a lot?????? Thought playing well is more important than talking?

  4. Why doesn’t Harry just employ a comedian to raise the spirits of the dressing room. Spurs did a great piece of business in offloading him to Liverpool (where he was a unsurpisingly appalling). To re-purchase him after just signing Defoe was a huge mis-judgement. Typical Harry in attempting to cover his mistakes by using language such as ‘clueless’. The reality is that Bent and Pav offered more up front, but were wrongly discarded. Given Harry’s character weakness no doubt he will insist on playing Keane against the Villa

  5. Get a grip “yiddo yank, Nelson & Woody” and give Harry some credit here. Yes Keane has lost his mojo, not the best he has played, but we all have seen how well he can do and how many goals he can score and its sure to come back. And I agree it should be Defoe and Crouch up front to start, BUT if you have ever played football and even better ever managed a sunday team, you would understand what the article said, everyone has bad moments on a pitch, Robbie is the sort of person to get hold of you, shake you up and get you motivated again and that COULD be the difference in a close game or coming back from a goal or two down.
    So lets NOT criticise him, just get behind him and the team, and hold onto a euro or champ leagu spot COYS

  6. Yo, kentspur, chill out dude. The very first thing that got Spurs sitting fourth in the table is none other than Harry. Not some ‘YiddoYank, Nelson or Woody’. So be cool man….


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