Redknapp: He has shown good attitude


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Harry Redknapp admitted that Roman Pavlyuchenko has shown good attitude in training over the past week.

The Russian striker came off the bench to score two late goals in Tottenham’s 3-0 win at Wigan Athletic.

Redknapp said: “Pavlyuchenko’s trained well this week. He’s worked hard and showed a great attitude.

“I’ve always said he has got great ability. When he wants to work and give everything, he’s a top quality player.

“I felt we dominated play and were the better team today.”


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  1. Top quality players should be played. IMHO Harry’s devotion to out-of-form Crouch – and earlier to Keane – has cost us crucial points in the race for fourth spot. Time for him to take a more understanding and kindlier attitude to Pavlyuchenko. Berbatov’s attitude hastened his sale; Spurs need to cultivate Pav, he seems to have more all-around skill than Crouch and we need him to be happy at WHL.

  2. Pav is twice the player crouch is and should in my opinion be in the starting 11 every week… A natural finisher ! Unlike crouch who clearly couldn’t hit a barn door !

  3. Hey what’s with the Crouch bashing- he gives us great options especially in away games. Pav though clearly a better class of player- was Not up to putting in a shift especially away from home. What Arry needed to do: is start 2 get best out of squad and so-called fringe players. Which I believe this is starting to happen although Jenas needs to be cracked. Pav should still be used as sub until he has shown right appetite for consistent performance. Arry’s mistake was not giving Pav a chance inspite of his poor attitude- for he is clearly a cracking finisher- possibly better than Defoe??

  4. He seems really fired up now, could be just the ticket to pull us outta this goal slump. Definitely needs to start the next game with Defoe, every time I remember them playing together there seemed to be chemistry and guile… Sorry Crouchy, you’re not scoring goals or creating assists – what good is that?! Benched please…

  5. Here is a new song for our Arry(saw it on vital website), sung like the Beatles song, give peace a chance, !! all we are saying is give pav a chance, come on spurs fans if he dont play him, this is what we should sing on wednesday, and against Everton.

  6. It’s a Lennon song & Aaron should be back soon. Harry should really find a way to keep Pav as if I were him,I want to leave after all the bad treatment from Harry. He repaid by 3 goals in 2 substitutions. However, I think it’s better to ease him in in the 2nd half,at least for the next game or some.

  7. you could see redknapps tiny mind working over time when Pav scored the 2nd! as ever his post match interview was so predictable, he was and never is going to admit that the he has it worng over Pav! he should have played far more games than he has this season! so of course he comes up with drivel about performing in training! im sure Harry would just prefer us to have won 0-1…

  8. Harry wants to finish as high-up the league as possible. Sure, he might be feeling he’s made an error by not playing Pav more, but I’m sure he’s delighted to have another in form goalscorer to take the pressure off Defoe.

    I don’t understand all this knocking of our own players either. Crouch is a good player who is having a bit of a lean spell, I agree that Pav should have his chance in the first XI but need we destroy another player’s confidence?

  9. Agree with a few of you… stop moaning about Crouch. Defoe has been the one out of form recently, so it’s good to finally sub him to get him fired up again. Pavy’s movement was superb yesterday.


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