Redknapp hits back at Spurs fans and referee


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has hit out at referee Howard Webb and the Tottenham boo boys.

Spurs were held to a 1-1 draw against Sunderland at White Hart Lane on Tuesday night.  Redknapp was unhappy with Webb’s decision to book David Bentley for diving in the box when the midfielder went down under a challenge from Boudewijn Zenden inside the box.

He said: “It was a penalty, a blatant penalty, wasn’t it? I just watched the replay of it.

“How he (Webb) can book him…

“He’s not got anything against Tottenham or anybody else but it’s how he saw it.

“I’ve never been one for criticising referees; it’s never been my game.

“But it was a blatant penalty tonight.

“If you get the penalty, it could make a big difference.”

He added when asked about the boos from the home fans on the final whistle: “What have they got to moan about? What they see here and what they’ve seen here.

“We couldn’t have done any more tonight; we couldn’t have tried any harder.”

He continued: “At the end of the day, you’ve got (Aaron) Lennon, you’ve got (Jermain) Defoe, you’ve got (Ledley) King and you’ve got (Michael) Dawson – you’ve got key players missing.

“I couldn’t come in and say we were crap or we didn’t play well.

“We worked our socks off.”

And in a jibe laced with irony, he said of the supporters: “They’ve had it so good over the years, you see.

“When you keep winning league championships every year, you get upset when you don’t win.”

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  1. This manager should really learn to keep his big gob shut. Boo'ing isn't nice but it doesn't hurt anyone, and he needs to remember who pays his massive wages.

    He's all for bigging it up when we do well in the champions league – no mention of missing players then. Maybe he should start looking at himself for fault. Wierd selections, poor tactics, inconsistent substitutions.

  2. I’m starting to dislike this pikey! manager’s and players come and go, reckon he should save the sarcasm and ego for

    Sandra over the breakfast table imo.


  3. harry, we should not boo the team, you are right, but your persistence to stick with certain players, although we are chasing goals is not good. Bale clearly couldnt do anythng against onouha tonight. Why not change him for kranjcar who is more inventive, skillful, and doesnt just rely on pace and strength.

    Sunderland defended well.

  4. harry, i agree with you, but what about giving gareth a rest and letting nico have ago, and whats happening with our man wilson. change it around a bit from time to time, what about a bit of kaboul on the right and bassong as full back. that X arsole player, two games, two mistake, and two goals. thats 5 points, put wilson in front of kaboul and bassong, and charlie on the right, i know what your saying, how to accomadate them all. give me a call anytime and ill sort it out for, alright harry, champion lad

  5. Its worrying at the minute and I think the pressure of the champs league, trying to finish forth and the injuries we have is starting to take its toll. Its obvious we need a top quality centre half and a world class striker who can finish the chances we’re making.

  6. Fella has it spot on this is as good as it will get for your mob so you should be grateful and start supporting your players through thick and thin. Starting with the filling of the allocations unlike the utter disgrace of the paltry numbers you took up to Bolton ( I won’t even mention the empty seats at the CC game when we battered you). Terrible support, the hoorah henry’s at ours might leave 10 minutes early but at least they are there. Anyway good luck with your mid table finish and trying to fill 80,000 in Stratford.

    • u clearly havent got a clue u inbred!!we filled top tier and a section of bottom roughly 3 thousand which is not bad for an early ko up there and as for cc i thought u lot didnt care about that eh??we'll uve certainly been piping up since that result.not so mickey mouse now is it!!everyone knows we fill out home and away 99 times out of 100 so get youre facts right.why u on a spurs site anyway???

  7. Not a good idea Harry.

    We are getting annoyed at the fact that despite being a third of the way into the season we haven’t seen seen ONE good 90 minute league performance. We want to see our players trying hard every game and know that we are better than EVERY team we’ve played so far this season yet have struggled to get points home and away. We completely mug Inter yet can’t beat one of the worst away teams in the league despite 17 shots on goal and some 15 corners. We are sick of seeing the ball hoofed 60 yards in Crouch’s direction when we have genuine ball players in the team every match. You had a hand in scrapping our reserve team so now our returnees look out of form.

    Having a dig at a boo that lasted all of 5 seconds while throwing out “one of those days” style reasons is getting very old very quickly. You’re supposed to be a man manager yet Van der Vaart and Bale aside noone is playing as well as we know they can so bloody have a word and fix it. We’ve been loud and supportive all season despite not getting the results we should, so how about you and the boys repay us with performances and not some snarky comment when you couldn’t manufacture a win when the team dominated from start to finish but still dropped points.

  8. Well we really no how to press the self destruct button i told you not to start Booing the Team and Harry. There Manager Bruce made six changes to a winning Team Why would a manager do that he also put a goalkeeper in Goal who had not played for six months. This is all part of Football baffling fans everywhere well i have told you why no one believes you but the two games tonight show why defences are on top and Goalkeepers are making stunning save except Gomes who keeps straying of his line and conceding. Check out why Paddy Kenny was banned for eight months and you will see why Bruce could make six changes and draw away yet we lose stars and cant win there is the problem no one is policing the premiership. Energy bad refereeing injury’s are all ruining our season.

  9. Well Harry, if you are going for a win, why take off a strker for another? Was Pav injured? If he wasn't, i think taking him off was a big mistake. For 45 mins the only thing Crouch did was head the ball down for the goal. Is that good enough? He kept losing the ball! U had 2 more subs left. Why not throw on Jenas and Krancjar in the last 10-15mins and change it around?The players worked hard and i wouldn't have booed them off. Maybe they were booing you? Can't wait for King and Daws to be back. The ex-gooner is realy shit at the back the past. All the work done upfront and he f**ks it up at the back. Same thing against Bolton! I'm sure Bassong can do better?

  10. 2 wins out of 6 at home, 2 points out of the last 12, lost to Wigan, Wolves, Stoke and drew with Hull at home in the last 18 months yeah harry we should be doing cartwheels

  11. harry is spot on you idiots. What more do you want? yes we are disapointed at a draw but booing ??? Tiny minded fools, this is the best team & manager for 20 years and if you had your way you'd sack the lot of them. Im ashamed that my team has such moronic supporters

  12. Bassong needs to start games for us instead of gallas, I remember bassong did so well for us last season, I really do feel sorry for him, whats up with bentley fucking shit seriously, he shouldnt play for us i would put bale on the right to come in on his left and kranjar on the left or give Gio Dos Santos chance to come in on the right side, i blame redknapp for the last few games

  13. Did Harry not consider that the boos were directed at the disastrous display on Englands supposedly number one referee who once more cost us 3 points. I don’t think the performance of the players deserved boos but Harry needs to remember we are the ones who pay his wages and support the team every week – don’t make sarcy little comments belittling the club and generalising about behaviour of fans.

  14. Madness. Complete and utter madness.

    Its like they say, you only know what you’ve got when its gone. Its astonishing really, when Redknapp starts bagging points in the Prem, im sure you lot will start moaning about poor FA Cup performances. When did we last have both a league championship and champions league to contend with? He hasn’t been perfect, don’t get me wrong. But we have’nt booed previous incumbents who have managed a far worse job than that Redknapp has managed to pull off.

    Spout any of this garbage to a fan who has followed spurs for 20 years, and you are sure to get a slap. We may also play in white, but we sure are’nt Real Madrid.

  15. The trouble is expectation levels are now so much higher, I mean we outplay Inter Milan and look like world beaters yet we can lose at home to Wigan, a team botom of the table and get hammered at Bolton. Games like last night we have to win simple as that. The gap to top 4 is growing bigger and we are slowly slipping down the wrong path. Yes injuries have been a big headache for us yet we are told we have one of the best squads in the PL. Defensively we are poor and we cannot seem to get the goals Pav, Crouch and Keane should be getting. We have missed Defoe and ideally our first choice centre halves all season. Harry if you want to dine up with the best as we can, then results like last night and Saturday will be booed. Our home record is poor, why is this after we were so good last year. We need goals, to stiffen up and become more resiliant at the back. It is a blip and hopefully we can bounce back – look at Liverpool as a fine example. I would have swapped the great result against Milan for a couple of league wins instead.


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