Redknapp: I blasted Defoe in front of team-mates


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Harry Redknapp revealed that he gave Jermain Defoe a dressing down in front of his Spurs team-mates after his red card against Portsmouth.

Redknapp was furious with the striker after he was given his marching orders for stamping on Aaron Mokoena.

Redknapp said: “Yes. He’s sorry for what’s done. For sure. I gave him a rollicking in front of all the lads, to be fair.”

“He can be a bit like that,” Redknapp said.

“At times, he has to learn to curb that. I couldn’t have told him more. I sat him down at half-time and said to him ‘don’t do anything silly. We can’t afford to go down to 10 men here. We have to have 11 on the pitch. Don’t let us down’.

“He let himself down, he let us down as well. He could have cost us the game. The way he reacted, it was disappointing.”

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  1. Yes germain shouldent have lashed out at the pompy player but he shouldent be playing with is fingers in them stupid splints .Playing with these on makes him protective of his fingers add to this pompy fired up what goes on in these desperate changing rooms would shock fans .In all the years watching and playing football hi have never seen so many players chewing gum that could choke you if you got knocked out this is because of the energy abuse that is making fans shake there heads with some teams performances more so when they come out for the second half energised beyond belive and players looking gaunt and sick looking with weight loss is all to do with fear of going down and the sack is driving teams and managers down the road to energy abuse .Its funny realy because hi discovered this two years ago yet the sheffield manager blackwell said is goaly mistakenly took this drug in cough medicine from a chemist yet hi new a top team the whole team were on this drug two years ago so pompy wigan bolton playing like they are dosent suprise me one bit look out for the thin thin faces and chewing gum and the chasing of the ball like teves and you will have the answer why defoe snaps at a energised player snapping at you like a wasps you hit out the more desperate the more energy

  2. Davspurs, did u actually go to school and know how to put sentences together? punctuation is shocking buddy, couldn’t even make out what the hell you’re on about. like PLN said…..WOW!

  3. Leave Dav spurs alone, he is merely trying to defend our player by pointing out something that hasn’t been looked into by the F.A or media, mainly due to the fact that football and the premierleague is such a popular sport and business that something like that would bring the game into major disripute. Many other sports abuse energy, i remember that lad who died due to heart problems who was only about 20 in rugby. The punction remarks are just stupid aswell, im sorry that not everyone has the english language degree that you have, this is the internet, ppl like to tlk like this, get over it

  4. I’m with WTF. I don’t care if it is the internet, we should all try to have a go at making some sense of our language construction.

    No excuses. It makes it easier for the reader to understand what is being said.

    Sadly I fear we are losing the ability to communicate properly. Laziness is taking over the world.

  5. I thought Davspurs’s comments whilst controversial does smack of truth, teams coming out for the second half after having the proverbial kick up the jacksy but that still doesn’t explain the new found energy levels. Which begs the question if Davspurs can post it on this blog and I don’t doubt you mate, then why has the F.A not picked up on it? What sort of things we talking about here anyway, iso tonic drinks pro plus what? Whatever they are no one wants to see young men collapse on a pitch fighting for their lives that is not a cool way to go out. Hard to know how to begin dealing with it because the energy drinks if that’s what they are using are not banned. Davspurs thanks for bringing something to our attention that many of us by looking at the comments didn’t know about. Don’t worry about the punctuation either its not for a dissertation is it and the general point was got by all. Lilywhite til I die.

  6. Sup3er cj 23, well you obviously didn’t get your English language degree either. It’s ‘punctuation’ not ‘punction’! See that red line that appears under certain words? It’s spell-check, it means you’ve made a mistake!

    Punctuation and spelling aren’t the preserve of the educated classes, they are basic tenets (look it up) of the English language. If you fail to grasp them, people simply cannot understand what you are trying to say. The fact that people today think it’s okay to dispense with them does not make it any more acceptable.

    Now do everyone a favour and spend a little more time making sure your spelling is correct. And spurs-webmasters please change from American English to UK English…..spell check is telling me that ‘favour’ has no ‘u’.

  7. Why is Gomes unavailable as MotM in the poll, by the way?

    He and that Dindanne fellow (or however you spell his name) won us that match.

  8. Lads my punctuation is not the issue here and neither is piss taking fellow spurs fans .No hi haven’t smoked crack and being brought up in the seventy s and watching 50 odd year old damage party animals fucked with drugs learned quickly the drugs feel good but the afters are twice has bad .So yes my education was on the football field and any sport hi could play is were my education excelled sadly an disease put paid to any professional ideas,But so any drug users amongst you fans what players do in private doe sent bother me but cheating my beloved spurs does. The FA know all about this drug and caught the Sheffield goalkeeper but excepted his excuse that he bought it from a chemist .This drug is banned for causing heart attacks.Mixing it with energy drinks is deadly and also to stop strokes players are taking aspirin Ephedrine is not legal and if you look at Uk SPORTS drug site you will see rugby players both codes and other sports getting banned for this abuse .hi discovered a very famous team using this drug two years ago and if you look this drugs history and tell tale sine’s on the web you will no by players weight loss and chasing of the ball and there red faces and necks that some teams are still abusing there energy levels to win games against better sides just look at the gaunt sunken faces and if that doe sent convince you ask Uk sport is it true and they will tell you like they told me its rife but they cant or are prevented from catching premiership players using Ephedrine by the powers above .If this is rubbish like some of my fellow spurs fans are suggesting why has a goalkeeper been caught taking this energy he only has to patrol is area.WHEN THE NEW DRUG LAWS EVENTUALLY ARE ALLOWED TO BE IMPLEMENTED MY RANTINGS WILL GO BACK TO PROPER FOOTBALL DEBATING AND HOFYULLY BETTER PUNCTUALITY. YOURS FOR EVER Davspurs the North west cockerel

  9. Disappointing from Defoe a flash of stupidity and lack of profesionalism. forgivable beause we won Not sure what the outcome would have been had we lost
    Hopefully he learns his lesson and keeps cool in the future
    Does this mean he misses the game against Arsrnal? If so even more disappointing for the rest of his teamates and supporters

  10. You obviously did understand what i said by telling me how to spell it so thats a bit contradictory of you isn’t it, and i never said i had a degree in english language, I can’t spell for shit, I don’t care either as im not out to please a load of language snobs. Btw (by the way in case you didn’t know) is your patronising tone just a way to boost you ego by thinking that you are better than everyone else just because your a language hitler? Its a bit sad isn’t it Mattyboy.

  11. The reason hi put hi is its bloody American (SPELLING)(Mikeyyid)Gill my grammar has got the well educated on this site mad the same way that energised players made Defoe mad and the very same way i get mad when watching my team made to look pedestrian by teams that go stronger the longer the game goes on and late late goals are scored by Duracell Bunnies they run all day and sleep, all night .


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