Redknapp in positive mood after Spurs draw at Fulham


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Harry Redknapp was in a positive mood after Tottenham’s 0-0 draw at Fulham.

A victory could have taken Spurs up to third in the Premier League, but remain in fifth place.

He told Sky Sports: “We have got to aim to finish as high as we can. It is possible to get up there into the top group.

“It is not going to be easy, as I’ve said many times, but it is possible. While it is possible you have got to keep believing.

“If I stand here and say, ‘it’s not possible to get into the top four’ then what are we doing?

“I believe we can, the players believe we can. (If we don’t) it won’t be through lack of trying and giving it everything we have got.”

He added: “We have defended well. The keeper has been excellent when called upon and everyone has worked well as a unit. Overall it was a good point.

“We are in good shape. It is a tough division this season. The best teams, Chelsea, Manchester United are not finding it easy to get wins.”


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  1. This is was a shocking result for Spurs and Harry has bean around for a long time and he noes you dont change a winning team unless you have to.The Aston Villa game was a good draw this shambles papers over the truth we cannot win these games unless Harry stops tinkering with a winning team. Defoe has not scored for two games against Wolves he Tinkered we lost today we nearly lost both times we failed to score and now Defoe will try to hard and mess up it Happened with JOL and when Keane got injured Defoe scored 8 GOALS then and when he returned JOL dropped Defoe because we drew o-o at Blacburn and then he was sold its going the same way .I told Spurs fans that Harry should not swap like for like or you end up with players losing confidants why bring Moderic on for Kranjcar and Defoe for Keane .You start with your best team and weaken it if you are well in control .One more point that is making my blood boil and should shut my beloved fellow fans from buying players every day on these blogs ROY GOD BLESS him he was not far of the sack till is team went faster and fitter over night last year and shot in to 6th place and Europe.Is Spouting the same words Pulis Mick Mcarthy and Big Sam said after we played them how much have Spurs paid for there team and Roy said he was lying in bed thinking and counting how much .Well Roy we have paid millions to get in to third but Fulham have paid pennies and Stoke and Wolves and they beat us on our ground .Well Roy there is only three reasons for this one you are a truly great manager secondly you must be able to get the best out of players that we deemed no good or thirdly you are a growing number of managers thats Medical staff have found a way of making players play way above there price tag Zamora Duff Bowyer Carr Hughes to me are worth 15 million for Zamora 10 for Bowyer 15 Million for Duff hughes 12 million and the best one of all Carr retired this is what Harry should be thinking Bentley 4 millon Palacios 5 million Moderic 10 million Pavlyuchenko 5 million Keane 6 millon crouch 7 million Defoe 12 million. Because we are going wrong somewhere Or Roy Pulis Coyne Mcleish Mcarthy Moyes Big Sam Megson have all got good fitness conditioners like megson said when is team outplayed us in the 2-2 draw Then DAVSPURS called them Energy cheats and they went crap and are just starting to pick a few points up like West Ham Zola is smiling again the Hammers are back up to Speed. the best line I have heard is my brother inlaw saying we wont finish fourth he supports the team dubbed the comeback kings and Duracell bunnies but there batteries have bean flat lately but they say the second half is there best form well they beat 9/10 Wolves because one energized player got sent off and they had to play eleven energized players and got beat sorry Mick it had to be said.This will be the dirtiest and closes relegation and top six and four on record and the smell of sweat is making me fall out with the game i loved and this will be another sport lost to cheats like rugby league and athletics two other sports I loved and lost.Next time you have a quite moment think of this when somthing is said to be to good to be true it surely is and you only get what you pay for is also true except in Roy and co world then cheap is best.

  2. Not only that, rumourman. It was also very hard to read! How about some punctuation, Caps and grammar? You just can’t write on here the same way you text on a phone!


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