Redknapp insists Crouch is going nowhere


Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch will be staying at Tottenham, Harry Redknapp has confirmed.

Rumours had been circulating suggesting that ‘Woy’ Hodgson wanted to take the Spurs striker back to Liverpool, Hodgson is known to be a fan of Crouch and tried to sign him during his time at Fulham.

Redknapp’s comments about Crouch’s future will divide Spurs fans, who are still waiting for Daniel Levy to get the chequebook out and bring in some new faces to White Hart Lane this summer.

“We’re not anywhere near signing anybody yet but we’ve got a few irons in the fire,” said Redknapp.

“Crouch is going nowhere, though. He is definitely staying.”


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  1. Good news I think. With important goals last season (home to brum, away to blackburn, away to city etc.) I feel he adds something different. Although I don't like it when we play route 1 football for 90 minutes, its nice to have it in the armory.

  2. The Big Man gives us options in attack and is a handful better to keep him but would like to see a centre half and a striker in the Berba mode although not the scumbag himself, Keogh Yid

  3. So just another made up story from one of the papers! Some things will never change. What a waste of time, surely they can fill their pages with some useful information instead of made up nonsense?

  4. i wish it were true, he is awfull , 8 goals in over 30 starts…pathetic, the only problem with this glimmer of light story is that no one but redkanpp would buy the lanky cretin, and btw, the "goal" against city hit him in the face, he knew nothing about it

    • Crouche was a big part of us having our best season in years, why would you want to let him go you ignaramus!!!! we need to let the bit part players go and add to the players who did well last year!
      p.crouch senior

    • your just a sad little loser, obviously ignorant of

      Crouchie’s ability to hold the ball and awarness.

      He is involved in a lot of build up play, but cretins like you

      cant see anything but his height, you little squirt.

  5. I doubt that Harry’s comments about Crouchy’s future “will divide Spurs fans”. Why?? Crouchy gives the Spurs attack good options. His height is always a handful for any defender; he is a proven goalscorer and he is also excellent defensively at set pieces. Even if Spurs can buy a so-called “marquee” striker, Crouch is still an excellent option off the bench. In addition to all the above, he is a genuine “team guy” and a positive role model. This non-story was just more tabloid crap. Crouchy was never going anywhere. Harry likes him and so do I.

  6. Richie, do you know anything about football?
    I don't care if he scores with his left b*llock, a goals a goal and you cant score it if you're not in position. Do you even consider his assists and his ability to hold the ball up?
    Keep playing Football Manager in your bedroom….

  7. Richie the third, do YOU know anything about Football, i am a spurs season ticket holder and he was piss poor all last season – hes too slow his control is poor and he doesnt score or create nearly enough goals – irrefutable fact!!

  8. Crouch is good not great but due to his size he is a one off and it gives us another option when the game is not going to plan.Why would we sell him to the scousers and help them out,they are in a mess and with very little money so we would be expected to let them pay over a long time.We are on the up and dont need to be helping a club who would be in competition with us,Hicks and Gillette are ruining a once proud club but hey we,ve had saboteurs as well anyone remember Scholar and Alexiou,and I saw Spurs suffer under those muppets.So we just look at the internal chaos at Liverpool and get on with our progress but not helping them by selling Crouch or anyone who might help their cause.

  9. richie the third do YOU know anything about football? im a spurs season ticket holder and he was garbage all last season not good enough for spurs, he cannot contol the ball is to slow and two important things for a striker – doesnt create or score enough goals, that is irrefutable FACT. I suppose you rate Robbie keane? clueless.

  10. rollerball why oh why do we have these silly media trying to upset TOTTENHAM every new season, let harry do the talking and let our squad do what every SPURS fan wants!!!!!!!! WIN LEAVE OUR BOYS ALONE.

  11. I like to think I know a bit about footy and have to agree with the notion that he's only attribute is distraction. Now
    please tell me when this was ever a plausable skill or recognised standard of anything. We always struggled when
    he played last season. he completely suffocates play….knowone can play the ball behind him cos of his snail like speed his touch for ' any man ' is a percentage game knwoone can read and his heading is well……
    we look dull, stagnant and inept. Mod doesn;t know what do to with him and his movement ……………….?. move him on we will not miss him I'm sure. Eidur is way way superior to him and I'd have him all day long over Betty.

  12. Disappointed. But never thought Harry would sell Crouch. Too loyal, I guess. But Crouch isn't the answer to our needs – which are for a speedy, fluid dribbler running onto the ball, not a back to the goal target man.

  13. er, crouch got 8 in 21 starts last year. thats not bad considering he only had one real run in the side. and 7 assists put him second only to lennon. give the guy a break…..

  14. Some of you so called football experts can’t be watching t.he same game as me Crouchies contribution to the game extends far beyond nasty little goal hangers like some I could mentionGive me 11 players like him in a team with his commitment professionalism and work ethic and you’d win the league Look at the Liverpool sites- they’re all delighted he might be going back. Look back at the times he’s turned the game (Man City??) ,the number of assists he makes and the times he’s contributed in defense.Can you say the same about the other strikers? Hardly.Thank God there are some Spurs fans who can appreciate him- it isn’t his fault if the team know he’s often a good option to hold the ball-it’s them who need to vary their game plan

  15. Jones you’re a muppet like most of the rest who think 2MP contributes to our beloved Spurs. 30 odd games 8 goals an 6 assists!!! WTF is that for a striker in the EPL?? Bent was better thanthat an look where he is now!!!

  16. A big man like Crouch can change the game and is surely much better to have in your armory than not.

    I agree our football becomes less easy on the eyes when he's on the pitch and he shouldn't be starting every game but I'd feel much more confident going into war with him as an option than not at all.

    It's no use having an arrowhead exclusively of tricky, little footballers. We'll become predictable and blunt. Crouch stays. Keane out.

  17. crouch is a target man.his job is to lay off the ball for defoe.he is not an out and out striker.he will get the odd goal.dont expect would not play lennon as cf ,so dont expect anything different from crouch.he is 100% for effort so lay off him.

  18. Its not how many he scored its the important of his goals because without is goal against City Oilers the rest would be useless . I remember the game against Birmingham we couldn’t score he came on and we came back and won with Lennon . The Bolton game we drew and only for the bar we would have won he does a lot of work tracking back and helps in corners. We had 19 players who scored last year and this was why we also made fourth we where the fourth best goal scorers till City overtaken us when Defoe was carrying is Hamstring stain and saved it for the World flop Cup. So before you get rid of our scud missile remeber this there is two players over six foot six and we have one Birmingham have the other ask any defender who would give you a nightmare. Of all the top strikers on show Bellamy Adybyor Teves Defoe Pav Crouch scored and also came closer before he scored . The Big Bird is more than a striker he has helped to give us a chance to right more History and if we make it will be in my mind and a lot of Spurs supporters minds another Ricky Villa Moment and where both against City but a far richer one .

  19. Crouch is pants, he is not good enough for a top 4 club. Even Capello preferred to bring on Heskey from the bench, that says it all. He has no pace, no movement and for a big man he cannot head a ball, yes he does bring us height but you might as well plant an oak tree in the box and aim for a rebound. Remember why we didn`t manage to beat the likes of Hull, Stoke, etc it was because he was playing. Without Pavs goals at the end of the season we would have struggled to make the top 6!

  20. Romano, you remind me of a lot of fickle Spurs fans… too busy moaning than supporting. Keano hasnt been the same since he returned from Liverpool but doesn’t mean he can’t return to form. Harry’s given him a chance and will make his decision accordingly. As for Crouch, his control is decent for a man of his size…

    Just glad you’re not the gaffa otherwise we’d have another completely new squad and more wasted time in transition. Now bore off….

  21. Just because he played in the CL doesn’t make him a proven CL striker it would seem his shit goal scoring record for us in the PL suggests otherwise


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