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Harry Redknapp rued Tottenham’s defending after they lost the North London derby 3-0 to Arsenal.

Redknapp said: “On 42 minutes I felt the crowd were getting onto them, they weren’t creating anything worth talking about, and I felt very comfortable. I’m looking up at the clock with three minutes to half time and thinking we’ve done our job. I could see us certainly getting a big result. But it all turned upside-down.

“We switched off from a throw-in, then gave them the ball back, we’re 2-0 down and the game’s over. We committed suicide, really. All three goals were scandalous, there wasn’t a good goal amongst them. Giving Fabregas the ball from the kick-off was Sunday morning football.

“We’ve not hit a blip – we got beaten by Arsenal today but we’ve got 19 points and we’ll still be right up there at the end of the season.”

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  1. You boys sure do talk a good game, before and after… too bad you don’t walk a good game during.

    You’re a good team but why do you have to spend so much time in the media trying to convince the world you’re good… show it on the pitch.

    You do it before every season, talking about top 4, better than Arsenal and more often than not, you end up midtable.

    Shut up and play football.

  2. What’s Redknapp on about? Spurs spent 40 minutes lumping the ball up to Crouch, then conceded a good goal, then went to sleep to concede the second a minute later. It’s not an accident – it’s the sort of mistakes that teams who are going to finish mid table make all the time.

  3. He wasnt watching the same game, spurs were just kicking the ball up to lamp-post maybe its the twitch, his got a twitch Harry Rednapp got a twitch….

  4. Very poor showing Harry – why not just own up that your team were second best – again. Arsenal didn’t need to be at their best because you offered zero threat at the other end. Instead of hyping themselves up every time they have a run Spurs should try keeping their heads down and their mouths shut because according to them the North London tide has been turning each season for the last ten years.

  5. Harry the halfwit. What a great job with the substitutions and starting line up. Bale?????? Hutton???????????????? Bentley plays a decent game against an under strength Everton side who dont give a shit about the Carling cup and Harry suddenly thinks he is ready to play against Arsenal. What the fuck is Huddlestone doing starting. It takes the guy three seconds just to turn.If you tried your hardest to pick the wrong starting line up and all the wrong subs you would have still done better than Harry.

  6. Redknapp: “I could have signed Vermaelen but we didn’t need him.”
    Keane: “We’ve overtaken Arsenal.”
    Redknapp: “We’re as good as Arsenal.”

    Altogether now: “Let’s all laugh at Tottenham, let’s all laugh at Tottenham….”

  7. You have every right to laugh at Tottenham at the moment. More so Harry. He is begining to make a fool of himself. These comments he makes before nmatche sto motivate the opposition are just pathetic. Harry is out of his league.

  8. As soon as i saw the line up i new we were going to loose hud and jenas in the mid and wilson on the left again harry experiments with a top 4 team and saying we played well up to the 1st goal what a load of b””””””s.all we kept on doing was hoofing the ball up to crouch, that is not our style of football,we are used to good football not long ball, shame on us.

  9. That now means that Arsenal have been unbeaten in the league for a complete decade against the Spuds. For you Spuds that is an absolutely shocking statistic.

    This 5 – 1 you keep going on about, that must be the respective trophy count for our two teams this decade?

  10. OK, enough taking the P out of Tottenham. Seriously, I think you Spurs fans are being overly negative. The crucial moment in the game was Fabregas’ goal coming so soon after the first score. Spurs had played well in the first half and were probably the better team until the goals went in. If you had gone in 1-0 down I suspect it would have been a very competitive second half and, as time wore on, Arsenal would have got more and more nervous and could have been there for the taking. Even though you might say professional footballers should still be able to lift themselves even after a two-goals-in-a-minute blow, there’s no doubt that the second half drop-off was a morale issue, not one of skill or tactics. I don’t think your squad is as good as Arsenal’s but you may have enough to sneak fourth at Liverpool’s expense.

  11. WOW!! And out come the Arsenal fans. Why don’t you guys go talk shit on your own forum, bunch of cowards. Hats off to their team though, they did play well as Spurs looked pathetic. That game shows how we much we rely on Modric and Lennon. No I don’t think Bentley played a good game, and Hudd was worthless as well. What’s worse is watching Fabregas dribble strait through our team and score. Amazing goal. After the goal, the players were still standing in the same position, it happened so fast. No one even moved.

  12. WOW!! An Arsenal fan was actually praising you lot but you tell him to piss off and a coward. You spuds deserved the flaking you are getting, especially with the talk of you being a better team than us BEFORE the match. It’s great that you spuds got a reality check.


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