Redknapp on the latest with Beckham


Harry Redknapp says signing David Beckham only until mid-March could be “difficult”.

“I haven’t heard anything for a few days. I was looking at (signing him for) at least three months really,” said Redknapp.

“If it is a very short-term thing it can be a problem, as much as I would like him and I am a great fan of his.

“He would be great to have around the place. As a player, as a person and as a professional he is top class. He’d be a great role model for the young players.

“If we are only talking eight or nine games by the time we get him ready, it is a difficult one. I would have to look at that carefully.

“I can’t suddenly be leaving people out and then after a few games David goes back and I have to mess about with the team again. It would be a difficult one if it is that short a period.

“We will have to wait until we get all those answers (from Galaxy) and look at it then.”

“I see Blackburn are in as well. Maybe they have more to offer him. They can offer him free chicken for life and we can’t compete with that,” joked Redknapp.

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