Redknapp: No Bentley grudge


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Harry Redknapp had told David Bentley to continue to impress in his displays for Tottenham.

Many had tipped the England winger to leave Tottenham Hotspur to leave White Hart Lane during the January transfer window, but Aaron Lennon’s groin injury has given the 25-year-old the chance to have another opportunity.

Redknapp said: “David was out the picture but has trained well and has been fantastic. I don’t hold grudges, I don’t work that way, and it’s there for anybody.

“They’re all here to play and he’s responded really well. The work-rate and ability he showed the other night at Leeds was fantastic and was appreciated.”

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  1. Lets hope Pav gets his chance as well. If he can come out and shine like Bentley, we’d have one of the best attacking team in the league.

  2. His good form gives us more options and the ability to compete in multiple competitions. Replace Crouch with Pav and things will look even better. Good times!!!!

  3. No grudge,it seems that way to me,playing your crap favorites like Jenas ,crouch, and as much as I hate to say it keano,and not giving the likes of Pav and others a chance who deserve better.

  4. We should not have sold keano and we should be giving pav more chances. bently is proof that harry has players at his disposal but doesnt use them effectively or often enuf to make that difference, pav will only get a chance when both defoe and crouch the idiot gets injuries!!!!

  5. Lads the Vodkachenko wont play when he gave is gloves away that was it the KGB want him back in Russia where if he sulks he will be shipped to the Siberian mines 10 years hard Labour.His groin is okay and i hope he gets is gloves back and plays today Score the winner and tell Russia he is in love again with the Golden Cockerel.COYS


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