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Harry Redknapp was pleased with Roman Pavlyuchenko’s performance in the draw against Leeds Unied.

The Russian striker came off the bench and scored to give Tottenham the lead in the FA Cup clash at the Lane.

Redknapp said: “Pav is here, he’s part of the squad and if he plays like he did when he came on every week he will be in the team every week. There’s nothing in the offing.”

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  1. Keep him and give him a run in the team,off the bench at first to give himsome confidence back
    and give him a run in the team,off the bench at first to give himsome confidence back.

  2. If that’s the case why don’t you allow him to play each game Harry Redknap. The guys got talent, he’s had problems settling (language etc)in but you haver NEVER given him a good run. You bring him on as a sub from time to time almost always during the last 10 minutes of a match. Not very astute of you Harry. Give him a chance to show what he can do for us. He must feel demoralised after a year of this sort of treatment.

  3. i always wondered of how could harry leave a $14 player like pav on the bench and stick with the same players with no result,but i think it”s too late now because pav is feeling hurted and defenetly he still want to leave.the only thing left is may be a better competition of who is going to have his service.

  4. Harrys right about Pavlyuchenko being in the team week in week out
    nothing against Crouch but we are turning into a long ball team,Defoe needs someone up front with him who he can interchange with,and who can score goals! after the impact Pavlyuchenko made when he came on I fully expect him to start against fulham tuesday night! And what ever you do harry don’t sell him just play him.COYS

  5. Pav is a clever and skillful footballer with tremendous striking ability. I have seen him score great goals against West Ham, Liverpool and other teams in the last season. He is a wasted talent sitting on the bench all the time. No wonder, he is frustrated and talks about leaving at times. Let us make greater use of him during the rest of the season especially that our other strikers, including Defoe, are disappointing at times. He seems to combine well with Modric. Let us not be too quick in selling him. Perhaps, we should not.

  6. I seriously think we should be starting him a Defoe each week. Because for me, Crouch really isn’t good enough. He has no ball control or decent shot. We only use him as a target man and he’s not even very good in the air. Our style of play suffers when Crouch plays. We just hoof the ball up to him to which he does nothing with. It worked occasionally against Leeds but wouldn’t against the likes of top Prem teams who can handle him. Use him as a last minute super sub but not first choice. Keane is a good replacement for Defoe during injuries or bring him on as an attacking midfielder. 2 small men up front doesn’t seem to work unless it’s against the lesser teams. I think Pav (giving him more games) will do the job and it seems to me that if every match Redknapp is swapping Keane and Crouch around and it’s still not working, why not bring Pav on instead?

  7. Pav has been let down by Spurs, Keane, Defoe and Crouch have gone off the boil and look as if they should be given extra training. They need help with running into the box and set pieces. Defoe shouldn’t take spot kicks’s, Modric, Kranjcar, Keane or Bentley would put more away.
    Kranjar and Pav up front could brighten up the team. Modric looks lost on the right and needs to be changed to the left and it wouldn’t hurt to bring Huddlestone back. Bale needs experience and should be put out on loan. He cannot defend and I believe he is colour blind, how many times in a game does he pass to the opposite team?
    We are missing Lennon and we should be able to replace him with Bentley, I think to much is going on behind the scenes and Rednapp & Bentley should kiss and make up.

  8. The problem with playing pav week in and week out is that,with ramos when he had a run in the team he wasn’t really doing enough. With defoe at the end of the season with harry it was the same thing and keane worked well there. This year crouch and defoe CAN work together and have worked together. Pav is talented yes but it will take him time to form a proper partnership with defoe (who’s gonna basically start every game) So for now him coming of the bench. Crouch has proved that he can play with defoe and has played well, it’s changed our play abit but we’re currently 4th as opposed to being in the bottom half last season… good change then me thinks. Pav needs a couple more appearances off the bench before he is first team week in week out. Least that’s my opinion

  9. Would love for Pav to start against Fulham, he showed real class making the goal with a dummy and receive back and finish. I can’t ever see Crouch doing that plus he is a finisher and could take pressure off defoe. Can we please find another penalty taker too! He linked up great with defoe, so give him a chance. We need three strikers, I think Pav should be one of them.

  10. Pav and Defoe seem to understand each other. I don’t seem much understandting between Crouch and Defoe. Defoe only gets 1 out of 7 knock downs by Crouch. Thats not an understanding. But Pav’s goal against Leeds, thats understanding!

  11. I agree Defoe and Crouch have had a decent partnership in the past, but really Crouch will never be a prolific striker, I really think Pav should have been given a go along time ago, he is much more clinical than Crouch he takes his chances, and overall is more talented. At the moment he only ever features as a sub and, always comes on too late with not much time to get in the game, he defibnitely should start bseveral matches

  12. What a reception we gave pav when he came on,and he repaid us with a wonder strike.Sorry Harry your the only one who thinks kean is better than pav and totally ruined his confidence,lets hope he plays him more regularly so we can keep him at least upto end of season. p.s Jenas was our weakest link and cost us leeds 1st goal.

  13. Pav and Defoe upfront, keane as attacking midfielder crouch is only good enough as supper sub. He isnt reliable enough for 60 minutes

  14. does anyone realise that no spurs player can score from a free kick or a penalty. Does this worry you?

    also why does harry not sell jenas or sack him, i am better than jenas and im offering my services to tottenham for free…

    and rose should never have come off, hes like lennon on the left

  15. Need pav to start and crouch from off the bench for last 20 mins because he,s usless at starting games long ball last twenty not mix and match no player can identify with what type off system we are playing sort it out Harry or go

  16. It seems like there is a lot of support for starting pav, except from harry. I have always thought Pav and Defoe would be a great partnership – at least Pav can play football which would only help JD as well. On another note, Bale is driving me mental. Just gets worse and worse. His schoolboy football brain has cost us dearly since he’s been in the frame. And while i’m at it, Crouch needs to be a specialty sub. Sorry, he can’t play footbal, doesn’t win enough headers and moost of those he does win, are hopeless. Rant over.

  17. What a breath of fresh air when Pav came on!
    Immediately the team cut out the long ball to Crouch which had been
    eventually stifled by Leeds.Pav’s movement and interaction with Defoe and others cut through Leeds IMMEDIATELY he came on.
    I say give Pav a starting place and use Crouch as a sub for a few games.Opposing teams have sussed out how to stifle the way we play with Crouch.Also we should have played Dos Santos,i think he is a better prospect than Rose.COYS.

  18. Crouch & Defoe not good enough both limited & readable Pav & keane are more skilful & intelligent football wise ala Keane & Berbatov play them together & see the goals come.

  19. Harry might have to swallow his pride and try a different approach with Pav,Defoe,Crouch and Keane all seem to know how to get in Harry’s good books Pav doesnt. if he does we could have a classy striker on our hands.

  20. More than any other manager Harry seems to publicly display his favouritisms and disaffections within the squad. I can’t see how this is good for morale and motivation with the players and it’s starting to show now. Pav, Bentley and Dos Santos are clearly out of favour with him and he’s not going to use them unless forced into it. From a club standpoint Levy should be spitting blood over high wages being paid out to players who aren’t contributing and that’s why he’s not sanctioning new deals until players are shifted out. Harry may be a media favourite for his chatty style but sometimes he would do better to keep things in-house.


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