Redknapp reaffirms striker interest


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Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has reaffirmed his interest in Portsmouth striker Peter Crouch.

The England striker has aleady turned down a move to Sunderland, who Pompey claim were the only club to reach an agreement.

Crouch is valued at around £12million by Portsmouth, and is said to be keen on a return to White Hart Lane, where he started his career as a trainee.

“Crouchy, I have signed several times, and if Portsmouth want to sell we could be interested,” Redknapp said.

“It depends on everything about price etc, but everyone has their price and it would be up to the chairman and Portsmouth to sort out a price. I love Crouchy but we will have to wait and see.”

Is £12million too much to pay for Peter Crouch?  Have your say below

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  1. Not a huge fan of Crouch but he is better than I originally gave him credit for.
    I think he’d be a better player for us than Bent but I still think we can do better.

  2. I suppose he will be better than what we have in Pav/Bent for linking with Defoe and others. I wouldnt want us to pay more than we can get for either of these two for Crouch.

  3. To me Harry’s desire for Crouch is obvious – we need more “airforce” in the box in order to keep posession and feed Keano/Def/Pav. Sorry for Bent – i like the lad.

  4. If you watch Crouch his aerial skills are not what he does best. He is actually a ‘to feet’ player which is exceptional for a guy of his size.

  5. i must disagree with most replies, I feel Crouchy does not use his size very well at all and because of his awkwardness tends to give away alot of freekicks. yes he was good with Defoe at pompey but I think we need a striker who gets more goals, if you look at Huntlaar or Negredo their goals to game ratios are far better although they have not played in the prem

  6. No crouchy isent worth the money but the transfer market is over priced we should not sell any players to our rivals if we sell bent and pavlyuchenco leaves and go to another prem clubs that could damage us even more .One of our problems in them early games last season we played teams that had ex players playing for them we never won one .That is why utd and the top teams never traded to eatch other until cole went to chelsea and now city have teves.We have players allover the prem ,croutch will do a good job but can we afford to let bent and pav score for other teams ,lets look into the future if bent went to sunderland with keane and pav to arsenal or chelsea we could lose 12 points if they score the winning goals against us .If we loan them then they cant ,and if with there goals they finish higher then we lose more money and there transfer price will recedes even more .That is what Harry needs to take on board with is purchse of croutch

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