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Harry Redknapp was upbeat following Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester United at White Hart Lane.

Spurs took the lead after just 58 seconds courtesy of a spectacular overhead kick by Jermain Defoe, but the Premier League champions came back to condemn Redknapp’s side to their first defeat of the new campaign.

“I have never got carried away. It’s still a great start, 12 points from five games,” said Redknapp.

“It wasn’t an easy start for us in terms of games this season, with Liverpool and Man United at home, but I fancied us to get something.

“We had a fantastic start and we were seeing three points again. But we knew they would come back – that’s why they win titles and European titles.

“They have outstanding players – (Darren) Fletcher was fantastic, I thought.”

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  1. Few players returning from injury as well as most of the squad arriving only the day before the match from international games. The odds were stacked against us as Ferguson had most of his squad over the last 2 weeks. We still looking good.

  2. Picking Defoe, Keane and Crouch was a terrible idea, that may work against lesser teams, but, not the Champions. Keane was so ineffective playing out of position on the left, that we may as well have played with ten men. We’re not a long ball team, but, that’s pretty much what we were against Utd. Unfortunatey, Harry and our team got found out today, i thought it would have happened to Man city today, not us. I do think we can cause a surprise against Chelsea next week though.

  3. Santos, Ramon Palv and even Bentley would have made a better team. King looked poor and should have been replaced half an hour into the game. We had Keane running about like a headless chicken. Crouch needs to visit Specsavers and wouldn’t get in any top 10 team and the rest even Defoe after his goal lost his way.
    After Man U went down to 10 men with 30 minutes to go Spurs looked like a poor Sunday team waiting for the pub to open.
    Chelsea will make Spurs look very, very silly next week.
    Bring Roman up front with Defoe and Santos on the left in Modric’s position. Bentley inplace of Lennon and if he does do well exchange him for Lennon or swop them half tme.

  4. we dnt need to make any changes to the squad other then keep the same line up we had for the first 4 games…instead of modric play kranny…thats why we bought him isnt it???? MIND baffling if hes not playing..keano i think needs to get dropped…has he scored yet? defoe and pav up front..pavs hungry for a game!!!

  5. Peter, you seem to know so much more than the people who actually get paid handsomely for doing a great job, we got beat today by a great team, I think that Fairweather fan is the best way to describe you (that is if you actually do support Tottenham Hotspur…..go support Chelsea …it suits you better……lol.

  6. Marco – fans can’t express viewpoints after paying money to watch their team play?

    Because someone gets paid handsomely they are can’t make mistakes?
    Steve McClaren? Gross? Ardilles? Hoddle? Santini?

    Harry usually get’s it right, but the shape of the squad was not good today, mainly because of Keane. I thought Crouch wasn’t that bad, and Lennon was just handled very well.

  7. dissapointing result today. cant understand the logic of harry replacing corluka with hutton. is charlie injured? pav should of came on after scorin 3 goals for russia last week, crouch wernt to bad but keane on the left is a no no for me. cudicini was superb 2day. chelsea next week. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Drop Keane……..he cannot shoot, head, dribble, cross, tackle and defend…..only thing he is good at running around aimlessly or complaining over every single decision with the ref. To make it worse, he is our captain………imagine if it is a Gerrald-type of player who is our captain, he will be urging the whole team to push rampantly in the last 20 min. Time for Harry to assign another captain…………

  9. I thought long balls up to Crouch was a lost cause against Ferdinand and Vidic, all day long. We couldn't keep possession, kept giving the ball away – IMO Keano and JD up front would have been better, play it on the ground, get Niko on the left from the start. Harry's comments were spot on, and Fletcher helped Evra to keep Lennon quiet and go inside where he had nowhere to run; manu defended deep and we got caught on the quick break. UUrrrggghhhh, we STILL haven't beaten manu !

  10. Had Spurs played as they did against Liverpool, this would certainly have been a different result.
    Key tactical mistake: the failure to stifle Man U’s creative play right upfront!

  11. Ok Lets get real we were outplayed outclassed and out thought, and those who think that we could be challenging for the number one spot this season are overly optomistic.
    Truth is yes we have a decent side, with some very good players but we are also deficient in some area’s and at times lacked the know how to counter Uniteds onslaught, so gettng real means accepting that we may be lucky enough to finish in the top four but anything more than that is totaly unrealistic.

  12. cant understand the substitution of charlie ???? we gota play dos santos on the left , the guys been on fire and gives us another dimension . cant understand why redknapp dont like him …… what a waste

  13. rooney was difference and proved why he is england number 1, tho i rate defoe highly and hope he gets starting place in england, rooney is complete player. Still don’t think we played bad, its all about how we bounce back after defeat now, gotta have heads up high and march on this year, tough game tho next will take a draw if its there, need to stop drogba and hit them hard on the counter with the pace we have. Would like to see krancjar start and keane on the bench.

  14. We’ve had a fantastic start and are equal on points with Man U having had a similarly challenging opening to the season. A conservative 8 points from the next 5 games would see us with 20 points after 10 games, which is Champions League form

    So it’s all looking good and there’s no reason to start sniping at our players!

  15. Have to say Harry got it wrong yesterday… Keane was ineffective on the left, and I think Hutton is our weakest link, he is not good enough, garanteed to give away goals, as in the last 2 games he played in. COYS!

  16. A spot of reality has kicked in. Crouch is a good player but playing long high balls is far too predictable. Pav needs game time.

    Harry got it wrong.Keano is not a wide left player and trying to facilitate him in the team to keep him content is weakening the team.

    Hard decisions are required with the front four. Defoe and Pav for me.

  17. although i was dubious of the keane defoe partnership at first it worked well with modric on the left. with modric gone we look weak and lacked creativity ….. pav can hold the ball up but is also a top quality finisher (as he proved for russia) …. give him a chance!!! dos santos on he left with pav and defoe up top … and i hope krancjar shows what harry sees in him! COYS!!!


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