Redknapp and Souness round on Spurs after United loss


Jamie Redknapp accused Spurs of lacking personality after Manchester United struck late to move three points clear of Mauricio Pochettino’s side at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Anthony Martial secured the points after some slack defending by Spurs however probably the biggest talking point pre-game was of course Harry Kane’s absence and how Spurs would cope without their in-form forward.

We have taken nine from 48 potential points on the road against the so-called big six Premier League clubs since Mauricio took over, and speaking after the game on Sky Sports, Redknapp criticised Tottenham for lacking belief.

‘They were a little bit ‘tippy-tappy’ at times,’ Redknapp said. ‘There were times when they could have got a the United back four, but elected to go back and play safe.
‘I still feel they haven’t got the personality to win these types of games yet.’

We only tested United ‘keeper David De Gea four times from our 13 efforts, with the only really decent chance falling to Dele Alli, who couldn’t get a solid boot to a Christian Eriksen lofted pass.
United were just as unproductive however substitute Martial latched on to a Lukaku flick to strike the fatal blow.

Kane was a big miss for Spurs, undoubtedly, but Redknapp and fellow Sky pundit Graeme Souness were unrepentant in their criticism of Mauricio’s men.
‘When Spurs play with Harry Kane it’s a different proposition altogether,’ Redknapp added. ‘But you’re missing the point if you think Kane’s absence is the problem. This has been a feature in so many of Spurs’ games against the top six.
‘There are so many games where he (Kane) has played, and Spurs lack the personality that I’m talking about.
Redknapp continued: “They’ve not been good enough. Not just today, it’s too regular. If they want to get there, they have to make that change. Otherwise it will be the same old story.’

The report adds that Mauricio was quick to promote calmness around the result and was ‘proud’ of his team’s efforts however Souness jumped on-board Redknapp’s criticisms of Spurs adding: “You’ve got to damage these sides,’ he said. ‘Don’t get beat in a game like this today. That’s what the championship-winning teams do. They don’t get beat. They’ve come here without their best game changer. Don’t get beat.
‘It’s not just about the points, it’s about planting the seed in your rivals to say your every bit as good as them. If not better than them.’

A 1-0 defeat away to a team that hasn’t dropped home points yet. They were matched toe to toe for the majority of the game and one error cost us. If this was a defeat to one of the lower teams I’d be a bit concerned but this is Mourinho’s United we are talking about. Let us know your thoughts. Is Souness and Redknapp’s heavy criticism justified or are they being overly harsh?

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  1. I agree we are a lovely team to watch but have no bite without Kane.
    Pochetino needs to look at how many corners we have with NIL headed goals.
    Free Kicks from outside the area it’s a long time since we scored direct.
    Just look at other teams West Ham scored in each game from corners against us.
    We don’t seem to have sorted out our marking and look all at sixes and sevens against free kicks.
    Continental teams use these areas to the full where as Spurs will never compete until
    We start to improve these ares Now otherwise our wonderful team will never be great
    Try having a look at old footage when Danny was in charge and look at the variations
    Regarding these areas we are too predictable so must change. It just looks as though we don’t practice these areas if we are then why no improvement in goals.

  2. Souness is dead right, you don't lose. Its no good saying one mistake cost us the game every time we play a top team away. Its always us that makes that one mistake, never the opposition. We have no one brave enough to take them on, no Gascoigne, no Mackay, no Modric or Bale, we are too safe every time and yet always not safe enough, it appears. I do question the selection yet again. Why change a back 3 that has been fantastic against both Madrid and Liverpool to accommodate a holding midfield player at central defence instead of arguably our most solid defender this season. Too much tinkering and thinking of who we're playing next week. Did the same last season and went wrong then as well. We desperately need Dembele and Wanyama back together, and bloody quickly !!!!

  3. I am sick of this,every time we play united , away we do sweet FA, the set up was wrong, Son can't hold the ball up
    so therefore no one could run past him, Man utd were not better than us , if Sanchez was in the place of Dier then the goal does not happen end of, we have to be much much more concerted in our efforts at certain grounds to prove we are able to compete with and beat the very best on a regular basis.

  4. One of the main problems is the continued lack lustre displays of Dele Alli.

    In my opinion, he should be dropped. He clearly does not have the talent to dribble past players, so why does he dwell on the ball so long?

    With Winks, we have a player who moves the ball fast. Son has pace, which Alli lacks.

    This team looks more dynamic when Alli is not in it. The play is faster and more direct.

  5. Poch needs to learn that Alderwereild ,Sanchez , Vertonghen are our back 3 ,Dembele centre midfielder ,use Son as a super sub from left side

  6. We have to prioritise the competetions. Last 2 seasons Premiership won by clubs with no European football to contend with. Sanchez makes no sense. Why not play him against West Ham if he wasn’t going to play against Man U. Give Alderwereild the rest in mid week. Dier was exhausted and that is why he messed up at the end. Winks seized up badly aswell. The dometic cups should be second string players only or you end up losing everything.

  7. Seems to me that when these large lucrative contracts get signed up by a majority of our players, the agents somehow give them some kinda evo boost and tell them or give the impression that they are better players than they actually are. Alli,Dier,Son,Sissoko especially. Epoch needs to stamp his authority quickly , really quickly. We cannot have a bunch of OK players at this club no more.

  8. True about corners. Main problem is not enough creativity Eriksen all alone. Alli off form. Sissoko , sorry not up to it. Winks is a tidy possesion keeper but lacks a killer pass or dribble. Dembele has every attribute but under achieves. How many goals has he scored for Spurs? Ever!!! Lamela still out. A Bale & Modric type are needed. Sisssoko should be like Vieria.


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