Redknapp speaks on future Spurs transfers


Harry Redknapp has revealed that he will only look to delve into the transfer market in January if a world class player is available.

The Spurs boss referred to the strength of his substitutes and admits that any incoming transfer would have to be a very special player.

Redknapp said “It’s difficult to bring players into that squad because there’s so many good players there.

“There are so many good players not getting into the team at the moment that deserve to play. People like Niko Kranjcar, Robbie Keane, (Roman) Pavlyuchenko, all these people. Jermaine Jenas started on the bench last night with Wilson Palacios.

“If you’re going to bring anybody they’ve got to be better than what you’ve got and unless they’re top, top drawer, it’s not a case of bringing average players in.”

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  1. what harry has to do now is either bring on or in a world class centre half to fill in for ledley every other week. once michael dawson returnes william gallas can become a very useful stand in but lets face it ,he struggles for any sort of pace now.

  2. I don't think there's much wrong with our squad. I think it's a confidence issue and the turnaround between yesterday and the first half at the San Siro has been immense. How many Man U, Man C or Arsenal players would you really want to buy? Rooney or Tevez, but not both, Fabregas…is he better than VdV? Don't want Berbatov or Nani for obvious reasons!

    I think we are close, we just need a little steel and a little belief. Chelsea are at their peak, Utd waning, Arsenal will sell their best players and Man C are evil and will be defeated by the powers of good! This season isn't a one off, we've rejoined the elite.

  3. Kaboul is looking quality now, if woodgate comes back then great but if a real top quality cb became available then that would be ideal. A top striker, luis suarez is the man.

  4. we need edin dzeko with out a doubt world class just look at his goal to game and he is big strong a finisher and fast he is 24. 6ft 3 1/2 .in germany we has scored 81 in 130 in three seasons got to buy him

  5. Tony, Woody wont be back there are ongoing negotiations with the insurance company. For me its get Daws back. don’t know about the rest of you but I’m sick to death of Redknapp blowing his trumpet, he’s not even a good coach and a worse tactician. We have the largest coaching staff in the football league, Jordon and Bond do most of the work. Yesterday was the straw for me when interviewed on the golf course he stated that Modric was NOT a world class player until he took him over!! Bale was due to be sent on loan to Notts Forest with a view to perm deal. BAE was injured and going to be out for months, enter Planet. Redknapp must believe the world and its dog are stupid.

    regards Baggyshorts

  6. I disagree with my fellow Cockerels on this rant for this reason alone we have four strikers all different in there make up but the one thing they all have in common with all strikers is they need to play to be sharp, Harry's big problem is this when we are behind he swaps one striker for another this worked against Inter because of Bales great performance but on other occasions it wont work . When strikers are not playing they sulk the crowd start to shout obscenity's when they play and don't score and then the players performance gets worse this wont change by buying more strikers . This striking problem seemed to manifest itself when Les Ferdinand was brought in to improve our strikers, at the time we had scored eighteen goals the interviewer at the time mentioned if we failed to score he would be blamed Les laughed at this comment at the time but now its not a laughing matter. We have one of the best attacks in the premiership so why is it stuttering in front of Goal well apart from sulking strikers our back line is never the same they have not worked has a unit all year, take the Goal against Utd if we had put a player on the line it would have bean easy to defend because Gomes was off his line when Vidic headed goal wards and scored. The remedy is this we need to keep a high back line so our midfield can break quicker so we can get behind the opponents defence because when Bale or Lennon break they look up and there is one striker and four or more defenders in the box, we showed the way against inter with our goals also without Huddlestone we don't seem to function in both games against Everton and Man Utd we missed him badly when we click some teams will suffer we don't need strikers we just just need continuity and use our subs wisely not like Kranjcar or Keane one has bean on the bench for weeks and never played even when we have lost and the other has played against Utd upfront on his own in a role he was not suited to him or Spurs i think Harry is a great Manager but hopeless with a big squad a brand new concept for Harry and to keep a big squad happy you need to be like Ferguson hard and firm and make sure you don't drop a player in form to just rotate the squad In Harry we trust to get it right .

  7. For crying out loud, will some of you leave Redknapp alone! He was a decent player in his day and has bags of experience at managing. The fact was that when Ramos was there he didn’t play Luka in the RIGHT POSITION and Harry soon put that right. Redknapp plays football the SPURS WAY and always wants to ATTACK. If he hadn’t attacked Man City at Maine Road – when many managers would have gone for a draw – we wouldn’t even be in the bleeding Champions League. He was quick enough to attack Inter too at WHL. Do you really think we would be where we are now if we had stuck with Ramos or Jol??? Apart from the great Bill Nicholson, Burkinshaw, and possibly Venables he is the best damn manager we have had by a mile. Sure, Harry will make the odd mistake, just like all managers do, but give him some credit for Pete’s sake. He also earnt his corn at half-time when we were 4-0 down at Inter. Also the guy is E-N-G-L-I-S-H. I believe Harry is right – we’re only a couple of players away from having a super team. Perhaps you’d like Benitez with his bottle of milk, or Mancini? Give the guy a break and back him for Christ’s sake. That home win against Inter was the best I’ve seen Spurs play in a VERY LONG TIME. I’m still on cloud 9.

    • Couldn't agree with you more! Harry's the man and we have a very shrewd board as well. Confidence is growing and if we build on Tuesday's performance we can think about challenging for 3rd place in the league.

  8. I am surprised that Harry still ranks Keane as a goo d player.He can not score goals and his inability to pass the ball to a member of his own side must surely exclude him from being thought of as a good player.

  9. Hmmm, I don’t know, its a tough one.. personally my thoughts are Keano needs to be shipped out even though he has been a good servant over the years, also Dos Santos he was great in the WC and im sure he could do well for us but he don’t play, we need to just ship out some dead wood, also as for a new centre half we’ve just signed ‘Bongani Khumalo’ I think we have more Centre halfs thaN any team in the world haven’t we? I’d like to sign a younger striker and I’d love to see ‘Romelu Lukaka’ at the club but sadly it seems that the chelski or Dirty Gooners may be at the front of the que for that youngster. My choice of players out are as follows; Keano, Santos, O’hara poss Bentley and Jenas (Jenas has played well recently but I’ve grown to dislike his game over the years) COYS

  10. Well some interesting views on here- I for one am very surprised at how well Kaboul played the other night against inter and in a few games before that I must say I haven’t always been a fan of his and was quite happy when Harry took him to Portsmouth but I must say that I am warming to the player especially if he continues to play like he has there were a couple of lapses in concentration but they didn’t cost us. It’s very much agreed that it is a very difficult job to keep a squad happy when the game is a team game, how do you do it? I don’t know. And that’s why Harry is in charge. I must say that I am a fan of Harry’s brand of football who wants to go watch unimaginative football? Not me that’s for sure. The problem with our strikers is as said a confidence one but we can’t go on as we are with them not doing their jobs so maybe a new face is what is needed. Look I used to play ice hockey quite a few years ago and whenever we had a few of the pros come out and play with us our game used to improve dramatically just because the level was raised. Now no one is saying to chop the whole tree down and start again but certainly a bit of pruning is required. Harry’s doing a sterling job for us and we just have to keep trusting him and the chairman to keep doing as they are doing, if Harry says that we are a couple players short of where we want to be then I am sure the chairman will back him and whilst it would be great to have Edin Dzeko ( think that’s how you spell his name ) can you honestly see him coming for less money than he’s on now? We have a good scouting system in place maybe we are looking in the wrong place for the answer to the problem. I don’t know. What I do know is that for the first time in bloody ages it feels great to see some continuity at our club and some super attractive football being played. And this might sound like sacrilege but the FA cup is a perfect opportunity to blood some of our youngsters against teams like Hartlepool ( no disrespect ) and if we get far in that competition great if not then it frees up time to concentrate on the league whilst overs around us are battling away on different fronts picking up injuries and suspensions. That first year Jol was in charge we had a good finish because we got knocked out of both cups early doors and only had the league to worry about so we’re out of the carling cup we haven’t started the FA cup what better time to let some of our youngsters play with the pros and get some experience who knows we may even have another Gareth Bale already at the club but if they don’t play how will we know? Finally, can someone tell me if this young man at Ipswich is really as good as they’re saying? Never seen the lad but I know the price is a bit strong. Lillywhitetilidie.

  11. LW. The lads name is Conner Wickham he his 17 teen and 6ft3 skillfull and quick but he has had a barny with Keane because some Team has turned his head the Culprits are said to be Wenger or Harry. We have loaned them our flying winger and great prospect Townsend and both him and Livermore are tapping him everyday and Townsend his learning to cross the ball to his large body for the future. Hope this helps still crowing like a Cockerel with our Spurs back playing the Tottenham way stylish football

  12. I am always surprised when reading fans views, you have the arry out,we need a new this that and the other, top and bottom of it is this, unless drogba,teves,torres or any other PROVEN and i emphasise PROVEN premier league striker is available and willing to half there wages then we are better as we are, all the wish list names in the world will change nothing.

    we have harry kane scoring for fun both for club and country, we have defoe to come back within the month,thats the same defoe that scored an international hatrick prior to being crook,kranjar who scored 2 for croatia last time out,vdv who scores every game at the lane, super pav who scores so long as we dont start him,we still havent mentioned keane,crouch,dos santos,obika and anybody else i have forgotten, all the players i have mentioned have good if not great international goal to game ratios yet the vast majority off fans would be happy to spend 20-30 million on a unproven, its like my old dad used to say” opinions are like assholes, every body has one and most are full of shit” sorry about the rant but if you are still not a happy yid after tuesday night then” there aint no pleasing you” piperyid

  13. we only need one world class striker. It is very clear that Crouch can't even score from 6 yards. Most of his goals are tap-ins and his heading is very poor considering how tall he is, how many chances does he need?? I would also like to see Niko, Bentley (starting to miss those guys) and even Gio get a run. Poor Bale is gonna burn out playing twice a week 90+ mins, look at what happened to Rooney, all those years of playing like an old man has taken its toll on him and he's only 25. All I'm saying is lets look out for Bale.


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