Redknapp: Third place is still open


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Spurs boss Harry Redknapp believes a place in the top three of the Premier League is possible.

“It is going to be tight,” Redknapp said. “If we would have beaten Birmingham last week when leading 1-0, and we should have had the game over, then we are suddenly not so far away from Arsenal.

“Someone could get third spot. Manchester City could. We could. Liverpool could. Anyone is capable with a run. Arsenal are not 100% sure to be there if they get beaten by Chelsea and other teams pick up good results.

“Arsenal are favourites but it is not impossible for anyone to catch them, there could be a five or six-point turnaround. We thought that Chelsea were running away with it, but now look at it. Wide open again.”

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  1. I said this on another blog is Harry a friend of stop targeting Spurs with energy WATCHDOG DAVSPURS cousin of the mighty Rumourman and NW Cockerel. i said swap Walker for Naughton because he is fast and has a long throw ,also i stated on all action no plot.We would finish 3rd and if you watching my good mate this is my prevered line up for this game today.GOMES CORLUKA BASSONG DAWSON CORLUKA KABOUL BENTLEY HUDDLESTONE KRANJCAR BALE DEFOE GUDJONSON First Half Second Half off BASSONG off (60 mins )on MODERIC BALE goes to L/B. KABOUL C/H .CROUCH on (70 mins)off GUDJONSON .If we are winning off BENTLEY 80 MINS ON KING. We win Jobs a good one we win,oH i Wish any way whover plays we are going to win if our Catain Dynamic Dawson makes the troops feel like the 300 hundred Spartans one Wrd Dawson dont point its rude shout scream lead from the front and we will win and stride higher and higher and make all our nervous Supporters sing GLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRY TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE HER WE COME, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE HERE WE COME. Never mind third Harry we have the Speed to catch up Captain cheat and leg it Ferdinand Team.COYS JACKIE WILSON HIGHER AND HIGHER.

  2. it would be nice if one day we started a season thinking we can win the league. who knows thinking like that could mean we finish second or third.

  3. Well we need to hold our neves because the club who cant fail have won one nil with ten men foor Half a game I called this Everady Batteries vesus the Duracells and Liverpool Duracell’s won .And i said the first to score would win and that is the case lets Hope UK sport stop this desperate team from getting in the champions league in Massive dept.


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