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Harry Redknapp was disappointed that Tottenham could not hold on for all three points against Birmingham City.

Jermain Defoe gave Spurs the lead in the second half, but in typical fashion Spurs conceeded a 90th minute goal to throw away two costly points in the race for a Champions League place.

“I felt we had control throughout,” he told Sky Sports.

“We got one up and we just had to continue playing the way we were. It didn’t last though and into injury time we lost concentration and it cost us. We didn’t react and it was poor defending.

“I always felt we had control of the game and were the better team. I thought it was a terrific away performance today, so I didn’t really see us in any danger.

“Up until the end we had been top class, but that’s how it goes. I couldn’t complain about the effort and the way we played today.

“I thought we passed the ball well on a difficult pitch and were always in control. It was definitely two points dropped.”

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  1. Portsmouth owed us money and are in dire straits – better to take Kaboul than get knocked for the money when they go into administration.
    Flog him in a year and buy Kjaer.

  2. Here we are again losing our concentration in the dying minutes of another match that we dominated and should have won.When shall we stop conceding late goals that deprive us of a much needed win to stay in the race for a fourth position? I think it is happening too often. There is something wrong about the team good as we are. When we are so close to victory we should tactically keep the ball until the whistle goes. We seem to be unable to maintain a lead. This is a weakness that must be overcome. The team had been doing well until Harry did some substitution. There was no need for that. I cannot understand why Bentley who had been playing very well was replaced by someone like Jenas who is under performing these days.

  3. That was our last chance to stay ahead of the pack Liverpool Villa and City are all in stronger positions now it was a good run we should start planning for next year its obvious we need a staunch midfield foil fo Palacios rather than relying on JJ

  4. Harry’s comments say it all. Would Ferguson, Benitez, Arnasen, Mancini, O’Neill, McLeish, Ancelotti have said that if their club had performed as we did? Hardly. They’d have said that we threw away points, didn’t control the ball, panicked, didn’t take our chances and that it was unacceptable. McLeish will be very happy with his boys. They stayed compact at the back end, kept their width up front. Choked off the middle of the pitch and were patient and eventually were rewarded. If I were him I’d pony up the 13M for Pav because a real striker would have had them in front a couple of times. If they get a real striker, they too will finish ahead of us. Momentum is gone. 8th place here we come. I shudder to think about how bad Wednesday will be.

  5. Why is there somthing wrong with our team we conceded to a team who beat everton 2-1 in the cup Everton are on a eight game unbeaten run Birmingham have gone 15 games till chelsea beat them on Wednesday 3-0 be thankful we got one point others have bean beat

  6. Davspurs, that’s exactly why Harry and his boys aren’t held to account. We should be thankful we got a point? I think not. We should be incredulous that we gave away 2 points. To control possession as we did, especially in the second half and then to decide that the game was done once we scored is unacceptable. Harry’s tactics are all wrong and he is making sure that we will not finish top 4.

  7. Harry -you must understand our players are not good enough to defend a one goal lead, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man U can because individually they are better players, at least go from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 or even 5-4-1, if we had done that Birmingham would not equalised in the 91st minute. I dont feel so bad surprisingly as you have convinced me our best finish is 6th or 7th. And how can you bring on Jenas, thats enough to give any team the conviction they have a chance of a late goal.
    Again we outplay a poor Birmingham team and still give away points.
    I feel its all a hopeless cause!!

  8. Realistically we’re not going to get 4th place anymore, 6th if we’re lucky. We just cant score like the way we were at the start of the season.

    I miss the spurs from August 2009 —> December 2009

  9. Hey Davspur,

    Finally we agree on something! Birmingham have been on a great run, and we’d have probably taken a point before the match.

    Man City, Liverpool and Villa have all had their blips, we’ve had a disappointing run, but hardly a disaster. Judge Harry by how many points we finish with, not on our final position.

  10. Big stu this is not slagging you personally but please don’t quote them teams in your rant.All these teams have suffered shock results and will do again if We had no Police how many people would pay 110 for petrol the answer none.So when i say to all my fans teams don’t tire and will get a goal no matter who you sub unless both teams are full up with the same Energy then the one winning will hang on for dear life and we no more than any other fans its true.Then you would refrain from saying what you have so Eloquently said above.The Problem is UK sport is hopeless at catching and stopping energy abuser like Mutu he never got caught here it was is manager that rang the testers on him Moreno and we all no what happened to him all i want is a fair game yes you wont stop individual players from cheating i accept this goes on with the admision by Sky 25 players had failed drug test for cocaine and there names kept a secret along with two youth players taking bezoylecgonine this is cocaine based arthritic drug not a street drug thats why they got a light sentence a lad of 21 got 2 year ban from my town yet these lads got 3and 5 months with there names kept Secret. A fan on push and run asked me if i have evidence why haven’t i told the Fa Simply the team i discovered scoring a lot of late goals has Friends at the very top of the FA and any way its not nice to tell any fan your team are energy cheats even if it hurts when we are the victims all i want is for The FA to appoint a new body tha is not got its hands in both camps promoting and drug Testing they promised four Mps this would Happen but so far hey are still keeping quite about what UK sport young Lady told me more than she should about EPHEDRINE abuse and the Message from the FA is don’t upset the top four this year while Liverpool and Utd are in massive dept. So my message is my last one on this subject before i lose any more of my beloved Spurs fans like stoney mkyid but please when we fail to beat These teams remember what Harry is up against some very Famous clubs going under if they fail to make the Holy grail.Then there is others who have watched a record amount of managers get sacked and are driven by fear.And now we have a new Rich kid on the block with money to buy friends in high places and Fancying the FA cup Sheiksy Oils. and there Charismatic Manager Knotted Scarface. Good Luck Lads it will be a bumpy ride lets hope we survive and win the Fa cup against city and pip them for fourth.COYS

  11. keep the momentum………

    sort the concentration in defending

    the captain has to keep our shape on the pitch


    if we dont make top four it will be the points lost from not doing the above against lesser teams when it matters

    sort the heads harry……..make the right subs

    the players in form etc

  12. harry haters…get bloody real

    you spurs fans are a disgrace, my god were up there as opposed to last year. Not long ago we would have lost to teams like birmingham and always be mid table. Getting really sick of these forums

  13. ps ….peterbalb

    Are you ever happy? in your eyes no doubt we should play a lazy Pav (cant be bothered to train or learn english )Give Gio a chance etc. Then no doubt you will be moaning..why are we playing them blaH BLAH…your a fuckin disgrace and the type fan that has to go..Good to have someone like davespurs on here who realises we are so much better now..

  14. Again, we gave away points at the last stages recently……….reason is simple. Cos Robbie Keane is playing in these games as a sub. At liverpool from one to two goals down, against leeds from 2-1 to 2-2, against Birmingham from 1-0 to 1-1. Only difference is again Fulham………..reason why, it is because that bootlicker Keane is not playing!!!!! I am not saying that Harry is a bad manager, in fact, i think he is a good one. But it really annoy me that Keane is still playing (no matter how bad he perform) when we have better options available. If anyone knows Keane, please tell him to get himself sold off……….he will be the REASON why if we fail to secure the 4th spot this season. Stand Up if you hate Robbie Keane!!!!!

  15. Love him though we may, Harry’s not the man to take them to the next level. The buck has to stop somewhere and coaching errors are costly. Watch the instructions from the bench when Keane and Jenas came on – essentially “hold what we have” and yet in the interviews he blames the players for poor defending. I agree it was poor but why change a strategy which up to that point was working and working well. All we did was play how Birmingham had been as they just tried to contain. With 10 minutes left what did he expect Birmingham to do?
    All the “rub of the green” or “it was one of those games” excuses he is becoming famous for are wearing thin. With Harry we’re detined for glorious mediocrity and he knows it.

  16. There’s no doubt Harry’s been good for Spurs. His ability to communicate with most of the players and get the best out of them is what’s made it possible for us to think 4th place could happen.
    But he also has limitations, such as those he doesn’t connect with – Pav, Dos Santos, Bostock, Dervite, … Is it possible they’re all lazy? I doubt they could have got where they are if that was true. It’s more likely they just don’t connect.
    And what about tactics, especially the ability to change them when things aren’t working? That’s a lack that has cost us points all season. His substitutions reflect his inability to think in a tactical way and have also cost us points.
    I was watching some of Man City v Portsmouth, a team they should beat in a walk. Yet they didn’t walk. Man C hustled every moment of the game. Each player knew his position wasn’t safe with Mancini in charge. That’s more of what we need.
    If only we could merge the tactical smarts of Ramos’ first year, Jol’s toughness and Harry’s communication – that’s be a manager!


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