Redknapp vents his fury at fixture pile-up


Harry Redknapp has blasted the decision to have an international week just a week before the Premier League campaign begins.

England play Hungary on August 11th, with Spurs set to take on Manchester City on August 14th. Redknapp also has a pre-season friendly against Benfica on Tuesday before a game against Fiorentina on 7th August.

To add to the congestion Spurs face a UEFA Champions League qualifier in mid-August.

It’s baffling to think why the FA would organise a friendly just days before the new season kicks off, surely they want the season to start with a bang and for all of the top stars to be 100% – especially those who have featured at the World Cup in South Africa.

“It’s crazy,” he told a press conference after the defeat to Villarreal. “We pile more games in. The last thing we need really is to be playing games.

“We need to train. I need to get the players on the training pitch because all we do is play and recover.

“I didn’t want this game tonight. Too many games have been scheduled and it’s a problem.”

He added: “Can someone tell me why we have an international week on the week of the season starting?

“They have just been away as a group together to the World Cup. They have come home, they’re probably sick of the sight of each other.

“Now they are going to have an international week before we play the first game of the season and then we play a Champions League qualifier.

“I won’t see those players from the Saturday night until the Friday before we play Manchester City. I won’t see them once, not once.

“How can that be a way to prepare for the start of the season?”

Redknapp continued: “There will probably be one or two players left at the training ground for the whole week before we play Manchester City.

“Why? What is the point in it? A meaningless (international) friendly for what reason?”

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  1. regarding the England game…….a week before EPL start??? The FA……..are silent as usual……..oops weve shot ourselves in the foot again………no forward planning to suit reality in the modern game at the highest level

    it to looks self defeating for the FA….as was the preperation without a winter break or equivalent etc.. before the world cup ??

    whats the roadmap ?? answer …there isnt one….

  2. dont go is the best answer, but the lemmings will … if the FA see that only say 5000 turned up even the dumb ars***es might get the message COYS

  3. Not that I agree with the FA's decision but if we are really pointing fingers then why are so many clubs taking their players half way round the world to play in stupid pre-season 'cups' to earn them another few million when they are so worried about the recovery of their players. Was it really necessary to go to the States?

  4. The international pre-season tournaments are three weeks before the start of the season, Rafi. There is still plenty of time for the players to recover ad continue preparations for the new season. On top of which, if they all acted as Spurs did, you'll notice that those who went to the World Cup did not play in their international pre-seasons.

    Having an international whereby those picked for the England squad won't be training with the club until the day before the first match of the season beggars belief.


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