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SPURS boss Harry Redknapp has claimed that Manchester City’s spending power has affected the rest of the Premiership.

While Tottenham are yet to show their hand in the pre-season transfer market, Manchester City have already signed Gareth Barry and Roque Santa Cruz – two players that Redknapp admits he was interested in.

Big-spending City are also said to have offered Chelsea skipper John Terry a massive £300,000 a week to move north, and Samuel Eto’o is also on their radar.

‘I’m looking to strengthen the squad and we’ve made inquiries for some good players,’ said Redknapp. ‘But it’s very difficult. City have blown us out of the water. Regarding two of the players we were strong on, in the end we could not compete with Manchester City. They are working on another level with the wages they can offer.

‘We liked Barry and Santa Cruz but when it came to it we just weren’t at the races. The wages they offer have gone sky high. Glen Johnson has gone to Liverpool and is picking up two-anda- half times the wages he was getting at Portsmouth.

‘There is no doubt City are making it very difficult for the rest. Barry only had a year left on his contract and would have been a terrific signing for us, but they are probably paying him double what we would have given him, so we had no chance.’

‘I think we can pick up from where we left off at the end of last season,’ he added. ‘When it comes to signing players it means we have to adjust our sights accordingly.

‘If you’re clever you can still get good players. Look at Sir Alex Ferguson’s signing of Michael Owen. I think he’s done well to get him. People may criticise him, but he’s taken a player on a free transfer who could go and get 20 goals next season in a team like that. I think it’s a fantastic signing and Alex will get as much pleasure out of that if it comes as he would paying £30million for Tevez.

‘I did that with Kanu. I took him to Portsmouth on a free from West Bromwich and people wondered whether I was mad.

‘But he did unbelievably well for me. He scored the winning goal in a cup semi and a final. When you take somebody like that and everybody doubts you there’s nothing better when it comes off.

‘There are players around like that; there are still some bargains to be had, it’s just finding the right ones.’

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  1. Damn right you can’t, stupid Spurs. Now bugger off back to your top six or seven while we spend £200m a year to finish 9th. Cheers.


  2. To be honest I think Harry is bang on. Let’s not bring in any old crud just for the sake of it. Let’s be positive – we have an absolutely awesome playmaker in Modric and he is only going to get better and better. I think if we play him alongside Palacios we will be a major force midfield wise. Great defence – great mid bar left side (think dos santos or rose could do a job here) – great forwards – can’t wait for next season – COME ON YOU SPURS

  3. Redknapp not the sharpest pencil in the box are you ?
    Only just realised that there is a New World Order in the Premier League. It’s financially driven, it’s MCFC and long overdue.
    It is in all our interests to break the cosy top 4 loved by the media and especially SSN.
    Self perpetuated by Chimps League money, we will wreck it and that can only be good for all of us.
    Poor Redknapp though, just realising that he cannot compete with the richest Football Club in the Universe.

  4. Not quite sure what you’re getting at there Ted. I assume you don’t rate Mark Hughes although I can’t see he’s done much wrong in his signings with us – Kompany, De Jong, SWP, Zabaleta, Given etc. Perhaps you’d rather have Harry Claptrap in charge? There’s no sodding pleasing some people. CTID too but I ain’t as negative as you….

  5. Ted Knott is a pretend Blue who really supports the pretend Manchester Club.
    An obsessive red half wit mentally unbalanced with the realisation they are a selling club with Debts over £746 million and reduced to a dogfight with Hull to sign a has been, injury prone player on a free.
    The Trannies transfer money in Glaziers back pocket and Tevez to be a City player Monday.
    No wonder he haunts sites pretending to be a Blue poor soul and worse to come in the future.
    Beware, supporting the Dark side has reduced him to this, we pity him.

  6. redknapp said this ages ago……when sheik your bllx ..took over at man c….does it guarantee success?.

    a lot of what is spiralling out of control in money terms in the game….is like any empire…it destroys itself……
    unsustainable and obscene in a way

    200 grand a week for kicking a ball?

    tell that to some of the worlds population who depend on food and medical aid..

  7. Feed the Goat – yeah, I’ve read some of Ted’s posts on the MEN before and they’re so bloody negative!! Wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a rag but I sometimes have doubts about his sanity.

    Think of where we were 10 odd years ago Ted and think of where we are now. Where would you rather be? Change takes time and although I might not agree with everything MH says and does, I reckon he knows a bit more about how to run a football club than me (and you). I’m going back to my cider – just really, really pees me off sometimes….

  8. What’s all this? Liverpool spending money on wages? Yeah we always have done and always will do. We’ve got global support that dwarfs spurs’ and lets look at the Trophy cabinet, 5 European Cups, 18 league titles vs tottenhams 2 league titles? What’s Levy planning for 2011? A money spinning open top bus tour to celebrate 50 years without winning a league title? Harry needs to recognise that we have earnt that money from years of success not from going out, wasting money on high priced players and then ruining them like tottenham have a history of doing. Fair enough have a go at the new money lot but Liverpool should not be included.

  9. Redknapp, what a jealous hypocrite! When he managed Portsmouth (a backwater club with less than 20,000 fans when our gates were 45,000) they were constantly poaching our players offering impossibly high salaries (that we now see their owner could not afford). City had too much class to whine about that in the press. Our owner can afford whatever we pay; we now represent the pride and prestige of Abu Dhabi and the City of Manchester. We pay all transfers upfront without debt money.
    As for Tottenham, they have spent more money than Arsenal never mind City over the years, with the aid of their billionaire owner Joe Lewis. Salaries aside, as if Barry or Santa Cruz would even consider Spurs as an option against the ambitious plans of Sheikh Mansour. He will be saying Spurs were in for Tevez and Eto’o next.
    You should all be grateful; City is the only club attempting to bring in world class talent to the EPL. Without stars, do you really think the tv deal will be as generous next time?

  10. all the money in the world could not buy the road to the FA cup final…..and the league has many masters if tactics

    the pride and prestige of Abu Dhabi? in Manchester?

    or the steam of camel dung seeping into maine road
    weakening its future……when he leaves

  11. City Kitesurfing Gal – remind me, where were you no more than 2 seasons ago? Teetering on relegation. Its people like you who make the rest of the Premiership wish you HAD gone down. And when you play us, we stil win despite of who you have playing for you. Get your Santa Cruz’s and Eto’os – you’ll always only be a shite club in Manchester.

  12. Hate to say it guys (feel like I’m selling my soul) but we need a big investor at Spurs otherwise we are going to end behind the likes of City, Sunderland (maybe not?) & Portsmouth. Before you all berate me just look at the facts…

    1) History means jack these days in regard to attracting players
    2) This is the last season before Man Crapy will be a serious contender for top 4
    3) Then we will be competing for 6th every year (with a several teams as good as we will be)
    4) Although Sunderland and Portsmouth do not have London they potentially have a lot more money – and it is now a fact that money talks.
    5) We have comitted serious funds to the new ground and need money to come in so we do not do an Ar5enil (imagine Spurs trying to compete on Ar5enil budget ‘minus’ champions league income??). Championship here we come…
    6) To even attract an established CL quality player we need to increase wage cap by 30%-40%

    Is the solution smaller squad with higher wages, and breed the youngsters regularly? Maybe??

    The bottom line is that Levy wont sell because the Prem is one of the only profitable businesses these days. I do feel dirty writing this – almost like a scabby Manc – (because Levy ‘money wise’ deserves credit), but after so many years I am sick of mediocraty and a bleak future!!! If we can’t realistically (even if in a very small way) aim for the top four, we need an investor as I for one do not want to become a small club like Wet Spam, with no realistic dreams or aspirations to be had (apart from avoiding the drop), year in year out!!!!! And before the Wet Spam carry on there ‘obsession with Spurs’ you ARE A MUCH SMALLER CLUB THAN SPURS, MUCH SMALLER FAN BASE, LESS HISTORY, SH1T GROUND, SH1T PLAYER (VAST MAJORITY OF), NO MONEY, NO HOPE!!!

  13. I just had a little experiment.. I am working in Oz for a period of time and I have asked twelve people in my office (7 Ozzy’s, 2 Kiwi’s, 2 South Africans and a POM) who was the bigger club – Spurs or West Ham.. Results….

    Out of 12 People…..

    3 never heard of West Ham (2 out of the 3 – thats after their NATIONAL captain plays for you)

    1 never heard of either (think he’s more into baking than sports)

    3 thought West Ham weren’t even in Prem
    Other 5 stated Spurs… Well 4 stated Spurs as 1 is a scouse fan trying to wind me up – and he thinks liverpool are bigger than United?)!!

    What else can I say… This was a 100% genuine as I’ll do anything other than put this Bill of Quants together on Saturday overtime…

  14. Has anybody round here seen Ted Knott ? I thought the restraining order only allowed him to foam on the Manchester(united) Evening News Website.

    As for “Arry”, triffffic comments from the guy whose pass time was trying to stitch City up.

    Selling Benjani Knowing he was injured and getting caught out, “honest mistake guvnor”

    His c.v of spending what the club can`t afford is self evident from POMPY`S mountain of debt.

  15. Well, we’ve all known for some time that money talks in our beloved game but………….. I thought the idea of being a footballer was to actually PLAY the game. If City manage to buy Eto’o (and I personally would tell the mercanary git to bog off) they will have 5 forwards sitting on the bench every week who would walk into any team outside of the top 6! Seems wierd to me……


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