Redknapp’s post match comments vs West Ham


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp was upbeat after Tottenham Hotspur lost 1-0 at West Ham.

It was the first team as a manager which Redknapp had tasted defeat at his old club.

“It is the first time I’ve been beaten by the Super Hammers,” he said. “But I don’t feel any worse losing to West Ham. I’ve had a great run coming back here.

“They started strong and their front two were a real handful. They worked their socks off. It was a great team effort from West Ham and it could have gone either way. It was an exciting game, end to end stuff. It was more of a basketball match. They attacked, we attacked and it could have gone either way.

“If Tom Huddlestone had scored when he was clean through in the second half it would have been different. They would have been on the floor and we would have been in the ascendancy.”

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  1. Gutted gutted gutted and gutted again! We need to go into games at 100 mph need to steam roll teams from the off! We miss defoe so much, not having him is killing us. As soon as I saw corluka was centre half today I worried about the final result. I take it harry is more interested in the champions league this season rather than qualify for next season as well!

  2. I seem to be leaving spurs games these days with dry knickers more than I ever did last season. We were piss poor today and Hudd and JJ and not the type of midfielder required for this sort of game. Why is when teams come at us we cannot cope with it. Lets get Sandro in there ASAP, meanwhile I need a nice boy who can slide a long one through the middle tonight, and I dont mind a tackle form behind if you know what I mean. I will be heading out in Edmonton within the hour if any of you nice bos fanc buiyng me a drinky? I am serious.

  3. Harry, the club pays you to win matches – not to enjoy them. There's an air of complacency from the manager and players, which gives me the feeling that last season was a one-off and that they're half-expecting to slip back into the pack rather than push on to become genuine challengers. This week we've been spanked at home by our closest rivals and then lost to the next closest ones. I don't see any positives in that Harry, so please get that finger out of your arse, cut out the daily media soundbytes, and start earning your crust. Or maybe there's a place for you back with your 'Super Hammers'.

  4. This is no knee jerk reaction but i cant see us finishing in the top 7 no decent forward at the club and players being played that should be dropped. Make the most of the champs league cos we wont get it again for a while.

  5. we were very poor to start with need to get into games stright from the off

    shudve played modric in the centre, and bale wide or kranjkar remember him on the left!

    or vdv on the left and two up top

  6. So Harry dosen`t feel to bad…… Well thats ok then…..Shame my weekends completley fucked up by this defeat to one of the worst teams in the prem…. It can`t be just me who thinks he is a complete knob…CAN IT??????…. Do we really want to be in CL for just one season?????,,,, Helen fancy a nice bit to eat drinks and hotel?????COYS

  7. how many more times are we going to slip up this season??? we are supposed to be genuine top 4 contenders but judging by our form and our mentality in games this season its as if we are settling for 8th place or worse…

    harrys tactics are mind baffling along with his team selection.yes we are without major players,but why does he KEEP playing this 451 formation? what,because man united and the rest of the big teams play 451 harry thinks that is the way to win a title?? did we not just have our best season in so many years playing a 442? IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT…

    i love van der vaart as a player,but i think harry is trying too hard to make him happy to play for us by changing the system to suit him.i think van der vaart is a talented player who can play in any attacking why not play 442 and put van der vaart in a position along the other 3 midfielders??

    as for his comments today,how can you praise the game your side lost in? i feel sorry for our fans who had to go to spam country and watch our team lose AGAIN to a team we should beat,only for the manager to praise a entertaining game.

    sorry boys but redknapp has his sight set on englands hot seat if u ask me and is losing his affection for helping tottenham to approve further.

  8. I’ve always felt there was a problem when Harry was trying to take the pressure away from the players pre season. The pressure should be on the players, they should realise if they don’t play well they will be dropped. It’s up to the team to prove they deserve to be champions league players.

  9. Well done super hammers! WTF!! Arry out! Why didn’t you just say to the lads throw the game as we feel sorry for em being bottom of the table!

  10. Levey Needs to get hold of Redknapp and shut his stupid mouth… every day there's a different quote from Arry! Just coach!> I think he feels he's fulfilled his remit, got us in the CL and just biding his time till England job comes alon.

    His team selection is all over the place… never thought I'd see JJ in the middle again… needs to get hold of SGT Wilson and get him back to the player we first bought, looks like he's been taking tips from Jenus how to play that midfield role!

  11. I suppose your missus could've net that chance Huddlestone had huh? No? Why isnt Huddlestone getting any stick from you, Harry? I'm tired of his favouritism. Now Spurs fans are wising up to his ways, maybe we should've kept Bent after all, he's looking brilliant these days.

  12. Harry put out the best team he had. Can't blame him for this one. If our centre backs were fit we would not have lost. All the other players, except for Hutton, were realy below par. Wonder if the players themselves have got one eye on the CL game. Bale didn't run as hard as he normally does. Unless he was told not to. We had Mods and VDV for the first time but amazingly we still couldn't create much. I guess we still need top class strikers which we didn't have yesterday. Can we please stop bringing in Keane even as a sub? He got lucky against Arsenal and didn't do much else. He was more worried about the sun in his eye!!!

  13. Spurs disappoint their fans again. Instead of praising Green, Harry should rather blame his players who easily lost possession of the ball. If we lose to teams like Wigan and West Ham, the future does not look very bright. Crouch was ineffective for most of the match. Why was he kerpt on the pitch for such a long time? Like Lennon in our last Carling Cup match against Arsenal, Huddlestone was much too slow in taking the shot.Instead, he took the ball away from the goal area at a difficult angle and could only shoot wide. We should not lose chances like this. So, our finishing needs improving. Too often, we forget about using the lobbing tactic when we have only the goalkeeper to beat.

  14. The formation wasn't the problem, it's the positions he picks. For example, Huddlestone was sh*te most of the the game and clearly Palacios should have been playing (even off form, he would have matched Parker). Bale is WASTED at left-back, West Ham must have been laughing when they saw the team-sheet. Crouch (and Keane) again useless, Pav needs a long stretch up front. I suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing…


    Hutton Corluka Huddlestone Bassong


    Jenas Van der Vaart Modric Bale


    Bench: Pletikosa, Naughton, Sandro, Kranjcar, Lennon, Dos Santos, Crouch (yes, I've dropped Keane, he is completely useless !)

  15. Start by looking at the team's performance and Harry's tactics for starters. Bale played a left back always seems to result in defeat. Not his fault by any means. Whether by design or luck, we've discovered possibly the best left sided midfielder in the prem, and we play him as a left back to accommodate another left sided midfielder and weakening the side in the process. VDV is far more versatile and can be played in many other positions as can Modric, but Bale to be effective must play Left side midfield with BAE. If it means dropping either Modric or VDV so be it. Palacios needs to either see a shrink or get the hell out of here, alongside Keane and GDS all of whom are a waste of resources. It's too early to say anything about Sandro, but Lennon is a big worry, although there were sprinklings yesterday. Could have accepted Tuesdays debacle if yesterdays showing was better, but really gutted with two defeats to 'them', more so for the performances than the results, and I point the finger at HR, but then again I think he's a twat anyway

  16. He had a left-sided defender in Bassong but refused to play him there instead by moving Bale to left-back thereby weakening the attack. If Hudd was at Centre Back and we had Modric, VdV and Bentley in the pack with Palacios covering we might have sneaked a draw. Someone said selling Bent was a mistake, I'm starting to think that's true…We should now have Pav, Crouch, Bent and Defoe…Keane should have been long-gone. For many reasons, Keane staying has f**ked us up…


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