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Harry Redknapp admits that he needs to find a Tottenham player who can cope with the pressure of taking penalties.

Tom Huddlestone became the latest player to miss from the spot on Sunday against Bolton, after taking over from Jermain Defoe.

“I need to find someone who can handle the pressure of putting it away from the spot,” he said in The Sun.

“If we’d scored I think it would have been game over.

“But we have a habit of missing penalties at the moment and it’s becoming a bit disturbing.”

“Bolton were terrific in the first half and we were poor. We didn’t get out of the blocks,” he said.

“They were up and at us and we couldn’t cope with it. They were knocking balls forward, winning them and backing up the play.

“We didn’t get the chance to play how we like to play, they didn’t allow us to.

“At half-time we sorted a few things out and we were much, much the better team in the second half and deserved to win the game.”

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  1. “If we’d scored I think it would have been game over.”

    Really Harry?? Crikey!! In a good position yes, likely to go and win yes but game over?? What a muppett. One goal leads are never enough. If this is the ethos he is spreading around the club no wonder we’ve surrendered so many leads this season.

    Agree with the comments re Corluka and Pav (but come on, Harry won’t play Pav). He did put a few away for us last season but it doesn’t matter to Harry cos he is proving he’s a little thick.

    Niko if he’s on I reckon would be a fairly safe bet.

    I heard elsewhere today that Spurs don’t even practice pens!! As stated before Harry Redknapp = Muppet

  2. Fadnapp… do you really think a premier league team doesn’t practice penalties?? Even my sunday league does so get over your Redknapp moaning.

    I think Bale would have scored that pen.

  3. Never mind who will be our penalty taker,can you imagine if it goes to penalties against Bolton, Heaven have mercy on us, for f””””s sake Harry ,surely they should all be able to take them, this must be prioritist in training.

  4. Fair enough Foggy… still don’t need his negativity – he clearly has Redknapp issues. Everyone knows we don’t have the killer touch yet so these things are always going to happen.

  5. Pezza – Its not a question of negativity. I go to games, I cheer on the team. I NEVER Boo or present apathy to them when they’re playing as this doesn’t help anyone(atmosphere at recent home game v Villa anyone??).

    However, in forums, which I understand exist to allow fans to present their opinions I believe I have the right to express mine and Harry has been rubbing me up the wrong way recently.

    Given the fact that he is oh so keen to put himself up on the pedistall of football genius at every turn, marketing himself wherever possible, setting the world to rights in his article in the Sun and feeling he has the right to pop up everywhere and commnent on every topic not related to Spurs that takes his fancy I feel I have every right to put across instances where IMHO he is failing us and not displaying the all-knowing wisdom he would have us believe he possesses.

    Perhaps, given recent results, the man should focus on HIS JOB. The one he’s paid by us fans to do. ie manage the club and all its resources in order to achieve the best results

    Some Issues I have with HR’s recent actions:

    1)Complaining about his lack of Central Midfield options but letting O’Hara go out on loan to thrive at a struggling club. There’s been a few games this season when we’ve needed his fight.

    2) Complaining about not having anyone available who can beat a man in the absencce of Lennon but never giving Dos Santos a chance and letting him go on loan.

    3) Never playing Pav. A man who’s scoring record for Spurs in his first year was every bit as good, if not better, than Crouch’s. Pav’s attitude has not been good this season but I think Harry has provoked this by NEVER playing him, even when the strikers are underperfoming.

    4)Letting Keane go to Celtic. Given the fact he won’t play Pav. We now only have JD, PC and EG(who is a gamble given his time away from the PL) fit at the crunch time of the season. What happens if we get injuries.

    5)Contstantly criticising certain players publicly (not his Portsmouth buddies mind, regardless of their performance). Top managers simply don’t do this. They manage players privately.

    6)Never making changes on the pitch. He never does anything imaginative when chasing a game. As a fan I want to see this, even if it doesn’t work out I want to see the manager using his squad tactically to try to change things.

    I could go on..

    I am not some glory supporting fan expecting a divine right to CL football but I like many others can see we have let a really good opportunity slip this season (after Pool and City had bad spells) and I believe that at least some of this has been due to poor decisions from HR yet he accepts no responsibilty himself whilst at the same time his happy to slate his players in the press. My present opinion of him for doing things like this would be the same as the one I would have of my boss at work if he acted like that i.e. Muppet

    If HR proves in the coming months that he is something more than a fraud (in footballing terms I stress – no reference to court cases intended), shows us he’s a leader and stops dodging responsibility when things go wrong and proves that he has the capacity to learn from his mistakes I will be the first to apologise. I’m not saying we need to finnish 4th or win the FA Cup either (but it would be nice). Just turn a corner and for him to prove he’s got something more to him than playing one dimensional football with his favourites even when his favourites are not getting results.

  6. And also, can you honestly tell me you are not worried by Harry’s comment that had we scored the pen it was game over. We would have been on top but had the team taken on that mentality we would have just invited Bolton on to us, as we have with so many teams this season. Its comments like that from HR that really worry me.


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