Former ref backs Clattenburg


Former Premier League referee Alan Wiley has backed Mark Clattenburg over the farce at Old Trafford.

Wiley now coaches the 16 select match officials as part of his role with the Professional Game Match Officials (PGMO) and believes that Clattenburg was in the right.

“What we have to remember is that the goal is within the laws of the game,” Wiley told BBC Radio 5 live.

“The game hadn’t stopped and so, in essence, Mark was right in law,” Wiley added.

“You’re taught right from the very start that you don’t stop until the whistle blows or the ball goes out of play, so in law, the goal is a correct goal.”

“I’m sure that Mark must have thought at that stage, at 1-0 to Manchester United and Spurs wanting to keep the game going and Gomes had the ball in his hands, that he wanted to keep the game moving,” Wiley continued.

“The situation is that if you’re going to think about bringing it back, for instance if a player is fouled but then he loses his footing and he still can’t keep control of the ball, then you can bring it back.

“In that situation there, Gomes has actually got the ball in his hands and has actually still got possession of the ball.

“What he then does after that is nothing to do with the referee. If he chose to throw the ball on the ground, that was his choice. He didn’t throw it there because he lost control of it, so therefore in those circumstances you’re probably giving the goalkeeper two bites of the cherry.”

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  1. Complete nonsense. Refs favour Manure always. Clattenburg did not follow the laws of the game that say a handball = free kick and always make decisions obvious. He deserves the sack.

  2. This is a complicated one for me. I think firstly that, yet again, we were wrongly penalised for the first goal – Kaboul touches the ball first and thenceforth all contact he makes with his opponent is fair – just as much a foul by the ever-diving Nani as vice versa …. and BTW, Nani had fouled Spurs players on several occasions prior to this without punishment. So ….. the first goal is unfair and then, Kaboul DOES foul Nani in the lead-up to the second goal – it is a tentative foul, but one nonetheless …. I believe that Klatterbrains doesn't give it because he has got fed up with his incessant histrionics by this stage. What THEN follows is ludicrous: any referee when playing advantage with generally theatrically shout 'play on' and make shooing motions with his arms ….. he is, theoretically, inviting Spurs to take as much advantage of the final few minutes to equalise as he can. Klatterbrains doesn't do this ……. he stands immobile until Gomes has foolishly grounded the ball and only THEN gives any sign to play on. By this time Nani has forgotten about the toys he has thrown out of the pram, and is being invited to cheat by all the usual; hard-faced United characters. A thorough disgrace, which we helped to bring on ourselves, I'm afraid.

    Two things: goalkeeper: HOLD THAT BALL; Kaboul: STAY ON YOUR FEET and between opponents and the goal anywhere near the penalty area …… and now, move on and learn.

  3. Sorry but I also thought diving was a yellow card offence by the letter of the law or deliberate handball was a free fick and a yellow card??

    Typical Clatterburg, he is not fit to referee premier league games and never has been.

  4. Two issues here firstly Nani was prostrate behind Gomes doing his best to show the referee he wants a penalty he then relises he his not getting one he also knows he has handled the ball and so does Gomes . Secondly if the ball is still in play and Nani his behind Gomes surely when he comes back and kicks the ball is he not offside and Active because all the other players are ahead of him . I could be wrong but failing this Clattenburgh should have remonstrated with gomes before he let go of the ball its play on he only made this clear when Nani turned and asked can he kick the ball leaving Gomes unfairly stranded the Verdict we should ignore Blatter and introduce the fourth official fro decision the ref hasn't seen this would take less than it did with the linesman.

  5. Surely he was playing advantage and when Nani kicked the ball there was no advantage so the whistle should then have blown????
    How Wiley does not know this is beyond me, these refs are a joke and do you say that Wiley is training other ref's????
    God help us all!!!!


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