“Referee paid off” – Some Arsenal fans incensed with officials after NLD

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The North London Derby was a high octane match that could have swung either way. In the end, it finished 1-1, making it the first match that Tottenham have drawn this season.

While Spurs were the better team in the first half, Arsenal opened the scoring through Ramsey and defended resolutely. The second half was a more even affair with neither side managing to get full control of the game, and with both sides having some great chances.

The game involved several hard tackles, two penalties, and even a late red card. So naturally the referee’s decisions have been heavily scrutinized after the game, and in truth, both teams had legitimate grievances about some decisions not going their way.

However, some Arsenal fans have been left riling after the game as they insisted that all the key decisions went against them. Some of them even seemed to allege that there was a conspiracy involved as Spurs always seemed to get the rub of the green with the officials.

Check out how some Arsenal fans reacted after the result:


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  1. Ah diddums. Get on with it Goonies. You blew your chance to win the match after a contentious decision in your favour. Your top scorer took an awful penalty. Only yourselves to blame. Now bore off.

  2. Gunners are just not used to NOT getting calls. Read the rule book, Kane was fouled before he made an attempt at the ball. The foul (pen) was correct call.


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