Report: Chelsea to take action against racist fans at Spurs match

Image: SpursWeb

According to reports, Chelsea will deploy their own stewards at Wembley during the Carabao Cup semi-final against Spurs. Chelsea have decided to do this in order to deter the travelling fans from singing anti-semitic chants.

According to a report in The Times, the Stewards will have access to Wembley’s CCTV footage and will use it to identify and eject anyone who is indulging in anti-semitic behaviour.

Chelsea fans have history when it comes to anti-semitic chants in previous games against Tottenham. Some Blues fans have used the Y-word in a derogatory fashion on several occasions when the two sides have met.

This move also comes on the back of Chelsea having to apologise for some of their fans’ discriminatory chants and behaviour multiple times over the past several weeks. Some Chelsea fans were accused of singing anti-semitic songs in a Europa League match against MOL Vidi in Budapest last month, an incident which triggered an investigation by UEFA.

Additionally, a few Chelsea fans were alleged to have shouted racist abuse at Manchester City attacker Raheem Sterling when the sides met at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season.

It makes perfect sense for Chelsea to proactively try and make sure their fans do not engage in any kind of discriminatory chanting or abuse at Wembley.

Let’s hope that after the game, the talking point would be what took place on the pitch, rather than in the stands.

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  1. Can we make this clear: Chelsea supporters repeatedly go far beyond using the word Spurs supporters have now appropriated. They regularly sing “Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz, Hitlers gonna gas ’em again’ to the tune of ‘Spurs are on their way to Wembley’; they also make a hissing noise designed to simulate gas entering the gas chambers. Use of this kind of vile behaviour over many years by SOME supporters of Arsenal, Chelsea & West Ham was led Spurs supporters eventually to call themselves ‘Yids’, in a move intended to embrace what these racists saw as a flaw instead as a badge of honour. If you don’t know our history, perhaps you are not really Spurs supporters …..


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