Report: How Tottenham have reacted to Everton’s Richarlison transfer accusations

After Everton were docked 10 points for breaching financial regulations, the club have now blamed Tottenham and the Richarlison deal for their issues – a move which has not gone down well with the North London club.

Last week, Everton were hit with the biggest points penalty of any Premier League club to date, after their financial issues finally caught up with them. Overspending and poor budgetary management have now put the Toffees at risk of relegation this year.

Things could get even worse, too, as clubs such as Leicester City, Burnley, and Leeds United are thought to be filing lawsuits against Everton due to the fact they were relegated while the Merseyside club were breaking Financial Fair Play rules (Guardian).

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Are Spurs to blame for Everton’s financial issues?

The situation is already very messy, but could get even messier after it has emerged that within the 41-page document surrounding the case, Everton laid blame at the feet of Tottenham Hotspur and Daniel Levy, for exploiting their financial vulnerability.

In a piece from the Daily Mail, it’s revealed Everton are unhappy with the manner in which Levy navigated the negotiations for the signing of Richarlison last summer. Spurs will have paid £60m for the Brazilian once add-ons take effect, but the Toffees were adamant the fee should have been £80m.

Apparently, the transfer deal for Richarlison was “directly attributable to PSR calculation difficulties” for Everton, and, because of the alleged “driving a hard bargain” tactic from Levy, it’s said Everton then had to overspend.

Sources at Tottenham have described this claim as “absurd.” And, there could also be repercussions on the situation of Dele Alli at Everton, too.

Dele moved to Everton on a free transfer, but there will be a £10m fee payable once the player makes another seven appearances.

There had previously been talk of waiving this fee as a goodwill gesture by Spurs, but the relationship between the two clubs now appears to be broken and that potential agreement is now thought to be off the table.

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I’m at a loss for how to even fathom what Everton are getting at here. We paid them £60m for their player, which is a pretty fair deal by all accounts, and yet it’s our fault that they needed more money to balance the books?

That’s not how these things work, and Spurs cannot be blamed for the multitude of financial mismanagement that has occurred at Everton.

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