Report reveals likelihood of Spurs facing heavy fine for Super League withdrawal 

Image: SpursWeb

The Independent have reported that Tottenham Hotspur and the other nine clubs who have withdrawn from the European Super League are unlikely to face heavy financial penalties for doing so. 

After unprecedented backlash from fans, ten of the 12 initial signatories to the breakaway tournament, including Spurs, announced their withdrawal.

The Daily Mail reported that the clubs could be forced to pay compensation to the other founding clubs for breaking a clause in the ESL’s 23-year contract which stated they could not leave during the first three years.

Vozpopuli even suggested that the fine for the clubs who leave could be as high as €300m (£261.5m), with the figure reached in relation to a €3.2b (£2.7m) loan agreed with JP Morgan and included as a clause in the contract that was signed by the leaders of all 12 outfits on Saturday.

However, The Independent now reports that the fine is likely to be a relatively small sum, akin to the kind of transfer fee that these clubs would pay for a typical squad player.

It is said that the 12 clubs involved in the failed proposal ultimately have no desire to “squeeze the life out of each other” after what has been a bruising week.

While eye-watering punishments were said to be included in the initial agreement for clubs who leave the Super League, the spirit of the agreements was that they applied to those jumping ship in the third or fourth year of the project.

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