Report: Spurs chairman Daniel Levy reacts to failure to bring in a new striker in January

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur have been without their star man, Harry Kane, for over two months now, after the England captain suffered a nasty injury on New Years Day.

Kane overstretched for the ball against Southampton at St Mary’s, only to rupture the tendon in his left hamstring. He eventually required surgery on the injury.

The club had previously sold Vincent Janssen and let Fernando Llorente leave on a free in the summer, meaning that Kane was the only remaining senior natural striker.

Heung-min Son, often trusted to come up with the goals in Kane’s absence, was doing just that in January and February until he fractured his arm against Aston Villa.

The South Korea also required surgery on the injury, leaving Spurs with no other player who had scored double-digit goals in the season at that time.

Daniel Levy has now revealed that he and the club were disappointed not to sign a new striker in the January window, but were glad to secure Steven Bergwijn from PSV.

This came from the minutes of a meeting between Levy and the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, which read as follows:

‘DL said there are lots of attacking players in the squad. The club was disappointed not to be able to bring in another striker but pleased they were able to bring in another attacking player in the recent window.’

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  1. He will never sell . He makes to much money from Tottenham. Who else would pay him 6 million for bring a stadium 1 year late. Joe lewis should be taking a closer look, but all he does is sit on his boat

  2. The guy is a degrace . He has the check to say we have attacking players but there not strikers and we have no stiker because you won’t spend the money on another top class striker to help Kane . Then he says the transfer kitty will be lower if we don’t make champions league again your fault mr levy. This is the perfect reason this guy should have no input on the team. Knows nothing about football, just making profit for Enic Then he says he had the stadium built for the long term of spurs, no you haven’t The reason you built the stadium is for yourself and Enic to make as much money as they can from us fans and when you have milked it spurs still won’t have won a trophy. Please mr Levy and Enic sell and go. The stadium and the fans are starting to get very toxic and its only a matter of time before they finally relies you and Enic are the problem. You say we have to look at what’s happened in twenty years since you took charge, yes we all no one two bob cup. As all the spurs fans want is silverware as they have forgotten what it’s like to win a trophy. Please levy go.

  3. What a load of crap, every time Levy opens his mouth the same crap comes out. New years day Kane got injured, we had a whole month to sort a decent striker but no Levy thought Son would do the job and save Levy a few pennies, well that well and truly backfired and exposed Levy for what he really is, a tight penny pincher that is only concerned for the bottom line financially and not the club or supporters who pay good money to watch this total crap that Levy has put on us. Time for Lewis and Levy to go, they need to be forced out.

  4. AYou don’t become an ardent Spurs supporter to win trophies, supporting Spurs is in your DNA and that’s the way it is. Take it or leave it. Spurs have always had a way of wringing you out, even before Daniel Levy, but we still go because we are supporters.
    I’ve been going since 1957 and Spurs supporters thrive on whinging and moaning, and picking a better team than the manager and providing better substitutes, and that will never change. We have an amazing stadium thanks to one man who won’t release the purse strings !! So there you have it, take it or leave it.

  5. Let’s look on the bright side,we have Parrot he might not be that expose to this much but I think if he is given a chance even if he is allowed to play for just half time I think he will improve and he not all opponents knws his game yet but so they will be pushed back and he will be feared. think Abt this .
    We all love Spurs

  6. Daniel please sell and go and hey take Jose, Eric Dier who should be a traffic cop and Sanchez the weakest defender in the premier league who wouldn’t make my u/19 team well that was Poch who bought rubbish and not forgetting all the goal keepers are totally useless.

  7. We are such a boring team.we have more players who can only pass backwards .I am pleased I live in the north of England and can only make some games.i feel sorry for the loyal spurs fans who have to pay good money to watch the crap we play week after week.coys


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