Report: Tottenham rudely blanked by ex-player after extending offer to him

Image: SpursWeb

It was a season of unlikely heroes for Tottenham last year, as they somehow managed to battle against a lack of stadium, no transfers, a huge injury list, and a fixture pile-up to carve out a successful season.

Not only did the Lilywhites make the top four for the fourth year running, they also managed to make it to the Champions League Final in Madrid.

Perhaps the unlikeliest of legends en route to the final against Liverpool was ageing Fernando Llorente, who turned up with some important goals along the way.

His header against Borussia Dortmund in the round of 16 killed off the tie at 3-0, before his winner against Man City in the quarters yet again sent Spurs through.

Not content with that, Llorente then set up Lucas Moura’s dramatic 96th-minute winner to seal a spot in the final.

The Standard claim, as others have, that Spurs offered Llorente a new contract with reduced terms. However, the report states that Tottenham never even heard back from the player’s agent as they seemingly blanked Levy’s proposal.

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    • Obviously this refers to the winner in the tie? He scored the goal that took us through, beating City over two legs. Nothing incorrect about that mate.

  1. Leave Llorente alone. Obviously when we released him, it gave him the chance of getting a decent contract in Spain or Italy for the final year or two of his career. We may have offered him another contract, but naturally it was reduced, so his ‘agent’ (not Llorente himself) has simply weighed it up with other options out there, and ignored it. Llorente was a back-up who was barely used, although he did some significant things in the CL for us, so let’s leave it there, and wish him well. He’s not snubbing us, for Pete’s sake!

  2. Llorente got the team into the semis in CL, and into the final. And he was overall more useful than Kane last season, for 50% of the salary. So the question is: who is rude? In my opinion Levy is not acting properly by offering a contract with reduced salary. As is clear now in several cases, Eriksen is on his way out due to improper contract offers and so is Alderweireld. If this club moves forward it is not because of Levy but rather in spite of.
    Yes, he is doing well with the new stadium etc, but the team is working under difficult conditions due to his lack of willingness to bring in players and giving them proper contracts, although there has been some development there as well.

  3. Honestly don’t know where this journalist derives his logic? Tottenham released Llorente at the end of his contract this summer – after and to be fair, by and large massively under-using his talents overall in the time he spent with us – they then offered him an underwhelming and cut price new reduced terms deal which is hardly likely to act as the catalyst to inspire him to once again put pen to the dotted line, as Londoners like to say “you’re ‘avin’ a bubble …..”

  4. If you read between the lines, it’s clear that Levy is indirectly wishing him well in his future and success at another club.


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