Report: Spurs receive £18m bid for star player

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

According to reports Seria A club, AS Roma have made an £18 million bid for Spurs’ Belgian centre back, Toby Alderweireld (Calciomercato).

However, it is widely known that Spurs have a £25 million buy-out clause, and they are not willing to let him go for any less (Calciomercato).

The 30-year-old Belgian international, is rumoured to be earning £80,000 a week at Spurs (Spotrac) and Roma are looking to offer a four-year contract earning him €3 million a year. (Calcio Mercato).

Alderweirdeld joined Tottenham in 2015 for £11.5 million in what now looks like the bargain of the century from Atletico Madrid (The Telegraph).

Since joining from Atletico Madrid, Alderweireld has been a regular performer at the back for Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

Completing a total of 159 appearances for the Lilly Whites from North London, and scoring 6 goals and providing 4 assists (whoscored).

With the rumoured buy-out clause only in effect up until the 25th of July, Roma could risk paying a higher fee if they do not act fast.

However, the Tottenham Hotspur fanbase would love a change of circumstances, and for Toby Alderweireld to sign a new contract and see out the remainder of his career with Spurs.

Spurs Web Opinion:

With Toby Alderweireld being 30 years-of-age, it is hard to see any club looking to offer him anything higher than what we could.

With the new stadium and potentially more stellar signings coming to Spurs, why wouldn’t Alderweireld want to settle down in North London and retire with Jan Vertognhen?

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  1. More Italian nonsense as usual. Alderwireld and his family are and have been settled at Spurs and in London and would only leave if and when it suited his family according to Belgian journalist Kristof Teurrer. He wants that last big contract and than most likely finish off at Ajax.

  2. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Toby talks to his agent.

    Toby: “So Stijn, what’s this I hear about an offer for me. Is it Barcelona or Manchester United, maybe Real Madrid?”
    Stijn Francis: “Well not exactly Toby?” Toby: “So who is it?” Stijn: “Well it’s Roma.”

    Toby; “Roma? Roma? You mean where Spurs offloaded Fazio? Is that the best offer so far?” Stijn: “Well Toby, it’s the only offer so far.”

    Toby: “So how much of an increase are they offering? An extra £100k a week?” Stijn: “Well not exactly Toby.” Toby: “So how much more a week? An extra £50K, £80K? How much?”

    Stijn: “It’s a 4 year contract.” Toby: “That’s great. But how much more?” Stijn: “Well actually it’s £20k a week.” Toby: “So only £100k a week. I could have had that 2 years ago from Spurs. I’ve lost over £1m just to get an extra year on the contract. Well at least I will be £4m better off I suppose.”

    Stijn: “Well actually Toby, it’s £20k less a week. But it is an extra year,” Toby; “Pot voor …. (insert your own Vlaams swear word) Stijn. Had I signed the Spurs contract I’d have been £3m+ better off in one less year? You told me…….. I guess we’ll have to talk to Arsenal after all, but I’m not so happy at the idea of playing in the Europa League and having my name linked with some guy called Oursole!”

    Stijn: “Well actually Toby, your contract excludes you signing for Arsenal this year” Toby: “Pot voor…. you [email protected]*!!!! Is there any good news?” Stijn: “Well actually there is Toby!” Toby: “Dank U Stijn, at last. What is it?”

    Stijn: “Roma are willing to pay me €8m for arranging the deal.” A long silence follows before the sound of screaming.

  3. I’m honestly shocked that Roma are the best club to come for Toby when he’s available for such a low price. Yes, he’s 30 but he’s got at least 3 solid seasons in him left. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but if I were Toby and I had the option of either signing a new contract at Spurs or leaving for Roma, I’d sign the new contract in a heartbeat.


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