Rose tells Spurs – Play me or i’ll leave


Danny Rose

Tottenham youngster Danny Rose has stunned the club by saying he wants to leave.

The 20-year-old midfielder came to prominence at White Hart Lane last season with his superb goal against Arsenal and has spent the majority of this season on loan at Bristol City.

Rose admits that if he isn’t playing, then he’ll be looking to leave Spurs.

He said; “I don’t want to go back if I’m sitting in the stands every Saturday.”


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  1. This isn't news! This is typical of most young stars- often too big for their boots. They should ensure they are not sitting in stands every week & knocking on the door- by their playing and not sulking.

  2. Lol at you guys pretending like you would be better off without him. He is a talent, and we'll be losing young talents like this if they're not given the chance to play. Harry could've used him in the past with congested schedule but instead he chooses to play the same team week in week out, twice a week. We'll be seeing more of this in the future, just imagine, if Corluka would never had gotten injured, Hutton would've been on his way in January, who would you rather have?

  3. To be fair, he never said he wants to leave Spurs, he said he doesn’t want to go back from Bristol if he won’t play. At least, the way I read it is that he would rather extend the loan and play at Bristol than be a sub for the rest of the season at Spurs.

    That’s fair enough in my opinion and it’s nice to see a player who want’s to play rather than sit on his arse and take the money. Having said that, I can’t see him being good enough to get in the SPurs side anytime soon.

  4. he is crap anyway!!! jordan henderson from sunderland is the only talent in the premiership, perhaps crouch can leave with him.

  5. I would like to see him given a chance before he goes afterall Lennon can't cross a ball to the standard expected of an international and most certainly can't kick a ball hard enough to trouble a keeper but Rose can.

    Don't forget we could have lost Bale if he was not given another chance!!


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