Salgado accuses Bale of diving


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Michel Salgado has taken a swipe at Gareth Bale, accusing the Tottenham winger of diving in Blackburn’s defeat at White Hart Lane on Saturday.

Bale went down in the penalty box twice in the second half of the match under challenges from Salgado and Morten Gamst Pedersen, with Howard Webb waving away both decisions, but opting out of cautioning the Welshman.

Salgado said, “They were not penalties. There was contact, but he was diving in my opinion. The referee was really close to the play and he did the right thing.

“The second one was a dive, too. It’s part of the job of the referee.”

Salgado did however tip Bale for a bright future, acknowledging the problems he was given by the 20-year-old during the match.

“Bale is a great player, but I was a little stupid because I changed my defensive position in the first half and it was very difficult for me.

“At my age, it’s very difficult for me to chase and it was a horrible time for me, but I changed everything in the second half. But he’s a great footballer.

“Bale is like Vicente from Valencia. He was a player who drove forward with the ball. He is a good player, with a good fuure and he’s playing for a top team so he has a chance to be a very good player in the future.”

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  1. Only right word from Salgado was that he admitted that he was a little (?) stupid. Best to shut up when you had such a piss game,a school boy against Bale. Not sure about the 2nd,but the first was obviously a penalty as obviously as Salgado was stupid. Webb was 5 yards away & he’s not fit to be a WC referee.

  2. He said there was contact. Well, if there is contact then isn’t isn’t it a penalty? Sigh poor old chap must be confused after Bale ran rings around him. Atleast he gave Bale credit. I guess he had too!


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