Sandro’s move to Tottenham hits the buffers


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Tottenham Hotspur’s proposed transfer for Sandro looks to be off.

The Brazilian midfielder had been tipped to move to White Hart Lane during the current transfer window, but Internacional have stated he would not be leaving this month.

“Sandro is not moving in this transfer window,” Inter’s vice-president Fernando Carvalho told Radio Gaucho.

“The partnership with Tottenham has not been finalised, there are a number of details which we did not sign up to.

“Sandro’s exit could only have happened if this was in place.

“He will now play in the Libertadores for Inter, it may come in August that he will move to Europe – but that could be true of any of our players.”

“It is not true,” Sandro’s agent Luiz Chignoli said about reports that he had agreed terms with Spurs.

“The English press has invented that Sandro has had medicals in England too.”

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  1. We neever learn to wait till he has a shirt on his back nothing every runs smoothly and I wouldn’t but it past City and Robhino to have put his voice on the transfer and told him to stay where he is and sign for City in the Summer

  2. just move on and buy a midfielder that is world class… a premiership midfielder, so he doesn’t need to settle in and take months to realise how fast the game is…..

  3. Heard the same BLX about Tarrabt, Prince Boateng and Kaboul and none one of them set the Premiership alight as we’d been led to believe they would. I couldnt care less that this has fallen through. If we signed him he would play in the reserves, make the bench a couple of times then go out on loan all of next season at a Championship side and never come back. He might be charlie big balls in whatever tin pot league he’s in at the moment but players like this have failed in the PL time and time again….particularly at Spurs.

  4. ILspur, you’re missing the point son. Sandro is a player with little experience playing in a league that is nowhere near as demanding as the PL. Some peoples reaction to us missing out on signing him is laughable. We should be looking to buy world class players with PL experience if we have aspirations to occupy the top four in the long term.

  5. Did we just get taken over by a multi-billionaire? As far as I know established ‘world class’ players with PL experience tend to be a bit pricey (i.e. from 25-80 million pounds).

    Furthermore there are plenty of players who have come into the PL from weaker leagues and have been quite handy, Drogba and Cantona to name but two. I’d also suggest that the Croatian league is much weaker than the Brazilian, yet little Luka has been alright hasn’t he?

    The fact is that players with PL experience tend to be at least two times more expensive than those coming from so called lesser leagues. Look how the prices of Berbatov and Tevez rose within a couple of years.

    Provided we sell a couple of squad players, we’ll have around 20 million to spend….so we pretty much have no choice other than to take a punt on some unproven talents.

  6. Ok Fellas, we’ll just continue to buy young foreign players that need to be shipped out to the lower leagues on loan in order to gain first team experience. Thats the way forward!


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