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Tottenham Hotspur’s Champions League aspirations have taken a massive blow following a 3-1 defeat at Sunderland.

Do you feel that the Champions League is now beyond Tottenham’s reach with games still to play against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City?  Or have you still got confidence of a top four finish?

Leave your thoughts on the result, a top four finish, the injury crisis and anything else you want to discuss, below.

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  1. Dissapointing result, fourth was going to be tough regardless of the result today. The team have dusted themselves down after defeats all season and got on with it. Six games left and we've got a chance still. Get behind the team and cheer them on it'll be sweeter if we do it by beating "the sky four" anyhow. COYS.

  2. Injuries finally caught up with us today. But I think as we get people like Hudd, King and especially Lennon back in the next few weeks we'll bounce back and I fancy us to get at least 4 points from Arsenal, Chelsea, Utd, enough to keep us in touch for our final 3 games!

  3. we have just fucked it if we cant beat sunderland how the fuck will we beat man u an the two scum i am well pissed off what whent wrong

  4. Spurs did what spurs do i'm afraid.

    Always running close but in the words on Alan Hansen "They will always let you down in the end"

    Seen it so many times after 26 years of following them.

    Top 4 ?

    Its not over but there's a fat lady putting on a frock ready to sing her heart out very soon :(

    • couldn't agree more. Sometime I feel like to quit supporting them but in the end, I just could not do it. I tried once and pretend to support United instead, a few weeks later i realized I just couldn't. I want to watch and support spur.

  5. We lacked leadership. We have to get a result against one of the big boys now. Modric is not a central midfielder. He should be stuck on the left – where he can wander off. Gave Wilson no support. Pav and Bentley showed today why they won't be in the team when everyone is fully fit.

  6. With all the injuries we have, the result is really no surprise. That said we were pretty toothless throughout, midfield particularly in the first half were completely bossed and didn't get anywhere near the ball. Modric in the centre just doesn't work against more physical sides, I think Harry made a big mistake playing him there.

    We really need Daws and Thudd back as soon as possible. The gaps Daws left in our defence was there for all to see today.

    Ref didn't help, he didn't seem to have any sort of control over the game. 2 of the pens should never have been, he disallowed a perfectly good goal by Sunderland and seemed to blow up every time someone went over.

    All in all a pretty shit day for Spurs fans, chin up though. We've still got the Semi final and 6 games to go, all is not lost yet!

  7. Discusted at our so called top four challenging team, NOT Redknapp NOT the board but those over paid over pampered cunts that let our fans down year after year.
    Darren Bent has taken hes chance but who can blame him, we dont deserve any better and i for one am glad that we can all see what spineless bastards they are. Ive supported this team through thick n thin for 30 years but i have never once felt so humiliated for the pleasure….. rant over, an extremely dissapointed THFC fan.

  8. That's the end of the Champions League dream for another year. Only shock results elsewhere will give us any chance :( With Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man Utd still to play it's just too much for our squad. 'Arry got the team selection completely wrong at the beginning of this match, and it's results like this (Stoke and Wolves twice) that have been our Achilles heel. Just as well we've got the FA Cup to go for! COYS!

  9. Let's not overreact. Not many teams can cope with losing so many first teamers and the injuries had to tell in the end. Having such a patched up defence can't have helped. We have done well to keep it going this far. Staying optimistic – a win in the semi-final would set us up to go into the last few games with confidence. It will be very very tough and I think Liverpool and City are favourites for 4th, but we are not out of it after one bad performance! 4th place has to be earned and if we can get some points from the next 3 league games we will certainly have earned it! COYS

  10. off with harrys head – he is not gd enough to get tottenham into the top 4

    we dont deserve 4th let alone be in the top 10 for losing to teams like wolves, how pathetic…

    harry is a idiot because he knows that modric cannot play in the middle, yet still plays him there. That means every single match assou (who i think is the worst left back ever) has to come off to be replaced by a midfielder at half time, like hudd/niko/iceman or kaboul.

    do a 4-5-1 tottenham are still a soft pussy team its time we grow some hair on our balls and be more aggressive…

  11. With all the injuries we have, the result is really no surprise. That said we were pretty toothless throughout, midfield particularly in the first half were completely bossed and didn't get anywhere near the ball. Modric in the centre just doesn't work against more physical sides, I think Harry made a big mistake playing him there.

  12. okay if i am to be honest and kind, we have about 6 players missing, that's why we are not very good. maybe next year boiz and galz.

  13. Let's all calm down, we have lots of injuries and our dominant leaders were all missing. Dawson & Thudd were needed but the whole team performed poorly. Modric has been disappointing in the centre of the park and having him as captain was a poor decision. Assou Ekotto & Walker both had poor games as did Bentley & Pav.

    Yes it's disappointing but let's stay balanced, Harry got it wrong, let move on and look ahead. My only gripe would be if Harry had not risked Hudd & Dawson because of the Semi Finals, which would be poor judgement by the manager.

  14. No Dawson, King, Woodgate, Corluka, Huddlestone or Lennon in todays squad. Five of these, if fit, would be in the starting 11. Any team would struggle with half of it's first choice outfield players missing. We were well beaten today and the early goal knocked the stuffing out of Spurs. WE CAN STILL FINISH FOURTH. Lets put this defeat behind us and back the lads until the end of season. Hope bottler Bent enjoys watching Spurs at Wembley next week and hopefully in the final in May as well as in Europe next season.

  15. Not a good performance at all. Without Dawson at the back, I knew our defence would crack and to make matters worse, our midfield was weak with Modric playing in the wrong position. With all our injury problems, however, we can perhaps understand why we have lost away to a good and determined Sunderland side. There is still some hope if we do better in our remaining matches. Let us not despair.

  16. Its so bad!!! We have got so many injuries now its so annoying -every time we seem to get players back then more get injured! I dont no why spurs fans are getting all depressed and saying that spurs wont get top 4 as long as we get players back and do our best then we will get that 4th spot! We were bad today but when i saw that team selection i knew we were going to loose- you cant play modric and palacios in centre mid away from home- you are asking to to loose and – walker-kaboul and bassong – thats is the worst defence we have put out the whole season- the season is not over yet – man city still have to play the scum and man united and us! We will beat the scum and i still think we will get that top 4 spot! Come on You Spurs!!!!!

  17. Just cannot figure Harry out. Modric in central midfield and captain. What about Perret, Livermore or Bostock. If these changes were made with next weeks FA Cup semi final in mind, it’s unforgivable Harry. No bottle, no control, no f**cking chance of CL football next season and now down to 5th place.
    Thanks Harry for getting our hopes up only to drop us in the shit in the final furlong.
    Different season. Same Old Story.

  18. The negativity of many of our fans never ceases to amaze and embarrass. One defeat in how many games? You lot need to remember where we've come from in the last year and get in the real world. These are fantastic times to be a Spurs fan. FFS, get behind the boys and appreciate the quality of football we are being treated to most weeks. We've got some major players coming back to fitness and still have a great chance of CL qualification.

  19. It was a poor performance, I agree. Wrong lineup, I agree. We are dissapointed, I agree. But does that mean the end I don’t think so. Harry redknapp not the right manager? Well he saved our ass and sent us to wembley and currently chasing a champions league spot. You think they don’t want cl?

    We have arse chelski manure comin up, we gonna take them on like men. What we can do is get behind they boys and support them all the fuckin way. I will support them till I fuckin die. Come they next 6 weeks I will be screamin SPURS till I dehydrate and collapse. Even if we come 7th place will sing for spurs with pride. Why? Cause once a spurs always a spurs.

    Come on guys let’s sing as loud as we can against le arse.
    Cause if we goin down we will bring them down along with us.

  20. Remember when we were struggling ,before Harry came, modders was in the middle with jenas, and we were loosing the midfield battle,then Harry plays him on the left, and we start winning games,then now and then, he plays him in the middle, and we are weak again, lessons must be learned.

  21. im blaming no one else but harry..totally the wrong team selection, no balance, no pace, weak center of midfield. How many games does harry need to realise modric does not play well in the center of midfield in the premiership?! He is not strong enough to be in there..i dont rate kaboul either, it showed today how much we missed dawson. Assou always concedes fouls and should of been on the bench and crouch should of started with defoe as he is better suited to the physical games. Pav should have been our super sub. The team should have been gomes, walker, kaboul(unfortunately), bassong, bale, bentley, palacios, gudjohnson, modric, defoe, crouch.

  22. We were piss poor today. Like someone else on here mentioned, we missed Dawson at the back. Everytime they went forward they looked like scoring. Gomes is a hero after those two penalty saves. It's not over yet, we have just made it a bit harder. We should enjoy the fact that we're still in this thing with 6 games left to go…I would've taken that at the start of the season and hopefully Lennon and some of the other will be back for our run in. Plus we're still in the FA cup. Sometimes you have to admit when you were simply outplayed and move onto the next game,

  23. we have to admit that we have serious injury issues, but Harry must at this stage play the players to their strenghs,and not just for the sake of playing them.Either play Modders on the left and Bale at full back, or Bale on the left and modders on the bench.Niko or Gudjohnsen in the middle with wilson,would have been a stronger and more attacking option, and creating chances for our strikers.

  24. What I hear are a load of pathetic excuses here. Are we the only team with injuries ? Of course not. A few weeks ago HR was boasting that we had the strongest squad in the league. Well it does look strong when a lot of them are on the bench, but when these same players get onto the pitch it's very different story. Bentley, Kaboul, jenus and a few others don't belong anywhere near this club. FFS we sold Kaboul once, only for our dodgy-dealing manager to bring him back.

  25. What the hell is wrong with everyone? I predicted a point from this game. We got none. We'll pick that point up somewhere else and still will get 4th. I am not scared of Liverpool – just City bother me. They have also a hard run-in. They will drop points too. Just that right now, they have a run of 'easy' teams. Soon we'll see what they are made of. Yes, poor performance – that's gonna happen. We'll get enough points by the end. You'll see.

  26. if we were at full strength it would still be odds on we would lose points.look at sunderlands home record .lost only two games and scored a bagfull of goals.we are playing in most games with more fight and picking up more injurys.its between us and city ,but we have nightmare run in.if we get 4th we will richly deserve it.

  27. Harry was right not to rush back the players who were returning from injury. If he had done that and they had got injured then we would have been really fooked!

    Time to regroup……we need to pull out some fantastic results, but we are still in with a chance.

    Whatever happens it's been one of our best seasons of the last two decades and we are moving in the right direction. COYS!


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