Sherwood and the Deadwood

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

In light of our thriller with West Brom, it’s hard to find where to begin our latest inquest. With very little to play for other than the pleasure of finishing above Manchester United, the team has looked as unstable as ever. Reports earlier in the week seemingly confirming that Tim will be sent packing at the end of the season could not have been good for a very weak dressing room either. It shows on the pitch.

Let’s start with our defence…or what is left of it. I have never been a betting man. But since our Chelsea shambles at Stamford Bridge I have dared to bet people, that our defenders will self implode in matches. Unfortunately, our ‘reliable’ defenders did not disappoint. Against West Brom, Chiriches was so poor during the first half he had to be subbed. My condolences go to Lloris. He is branded erratic sometimes but with that defense in front of him, I see can why he tries to take matters into his own hands. Our defence is in dire need of some reinforcements. The obvious deadwood candidates here are Rose, Naughton, Dawson and possibly Vertonghen (if he is not committed as he earlier suggested). Caulker must be identified as a target we bring back to the club at all costs. I am not a football expert but even I know that our flanks in defense are very brittle. There are too many cracks in our defense as a whole and our opponents will always fancy their chances against our glaring weaknesses of late.

Mathematically we are still in with a shout of a top four place but I would not hold my breath. The season has been a write off for a long time now. Anybody doubting that needs to look at the players. The saying that being over casual leads to casualty is true. The team do not look motivated enough to fight. There’s just too much uncertainty in the atmosphere right now. Who is going to take the reins in the summer? Is it really Van Gaal or should we look towards another? Will Baldini’s role be compatible with whoever it is that takes the hot seat? Will our striking and defensive frailties be addressed in the summer window? No doubt these questions will have passed through the minds of the players. The answers will surely be answered at the club in the summer. As a result, the instability and inconsistent performances will surely continue for now. I am not even the slightest bothered what happens now
until the end of the season. Win, lose or draw. The players do not seem that bothered either. Like many of the fans they appear to be waiting for this stop-gap phase to end. So a managerial appointment with identity, purpose and longevity can be established. This is our only hope for stability.  Our only hope to get the best out of a team we know can do the impossible.

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  1. Caulker? Spurs defense improved when he was removed from the lineup and Dawson inserted last year, and Cardiff have been awful defensively. Maybe bring him back, but to further develop, not as a solution to defensive woes.

    If you want this team to get better we have to aim higher in the transfer market.

  2. When Spurs have VERTS, Kaboul and Walker, Spurs r OK. Dawson on standby.
    Agree that Naughton has been outplayed on many occassions, n even caused many a defensive scare. Rose can further improve. Can be used as a sub.
    We need a Left back badly.
    In defense overall, Spurs need 4 defensive guys who play like Puyol or Kompany.

  3. sherwood is hopeless, the team are hopeless but AVB is doing very well at Zenit and will be in the champions league next season. Spurs are more likely to be in the championship!!

  4. Just get rid of the bad one’s and replace them with some excellent acquisitions. Firstly Sherwood with Van Gaal,Walker with Micah Richards, Rose with Luke shaw ,Dawson with Joelene Lescott and Adebayor with either Benteke or Lukaku. So my team on paper would look like this. Coach : Van Gaal 1) Lloris 2) Richards 3) Shaw 4) Vertongen 5) Lescott 6) Need a replacement in this position 7) Lennon 8) Eriksen 9) Benteke or Lukaku 10) Soldado 11) Townsend. Subs: Scott carson, Rose, Kaboul, Dawson, Dembele, Sandro and get rid of the rest.


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