Sherwood: If I started the season we would have had Champions League football

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood has insisted that the club would have finished in the top four if he had been charge at the start of the season.

Sherwood replaced Andre Villas-Boas mid-season and is expected to be also shown the door at White Hart Lane by chairman Daniel Levy over the course of the summer.

The 3-0 win against Aston Villa gave Sherwood a 59% Premier League win percentage, the best of any Spurs manager during the Premier League era.

“Absolutely, I love doing this job, my life would be a lot easier if I wasn’t a manager but I want to do it. It’s my life, it’s what I want to be involved in and continuing doing it,” Sherwood told the post-match press pack.

“If I had started the season, we would have finished in the Champions League places. It will be interesting to see how I am judged when I meet the chairman. If I do leave, it can’t be on results. If I’d have known it would only be for five months, I wouldn’t have done it, to be honest.

“I can only judged for the season when I’ve taken over. A 59% win ratio is second to none. I’m happy with how I have done.”

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      • I believe you sir are a moron, do you really think Sherwood could’ve got 4th. The guy has completely failed to utilise the resources at his disposal to the cost of games. His teams are defensively some of the poorest in the league, despite having Lloris Vertonghen, Chiriches, Kaboul, Sandro, Capoue and Dembele at hand. All bullshit aside, the guys been terrible…

  1. If he learns to stop spouting off to the media with instant reactions and starts to handle problems behind closed doors he might make a half decent manager. We lost most of the important games when he was in charge and there was – is – no Plan B. Respect isn't a given by dint of position; he needs to earn it. If AVB had stayed chances are the team would have 'gelled' better anyway and we'd have seen an improvement, Adebayor notwithstanding. Having said all that it would be nice to have some period of continuity.

  2. Good grief Sherwood is delusional. This side was expected to fight Chasmpions League football this term. You chose Bentaleb over Sandro in the big matches with disastrous consequences. No one knew if our what your tactics were/are. Your winning percentage is based on half a season you Muppet.

  3. It's the shameful percentage against the sides above him that count. He's had the best side of any PL manager and if you look at the wins they were all against teams that we expected to beat.
    3-0 in games v Wet Spam says it all.
    Sorry Tim, off you go son.

  4. I hope he stays he hasn't done too bad considering the players he has been given let him do it his waynext season and see what happens TTID

  5. If ever you wanted an example of how statistics can be used to mislead the public and Spurs fans, you have it here. His win percentage may very well be 59%, but most of those wins were against teams we were expected to beat. Under Tim's management, we lost EVERY crucial match that could have made this season a memorable one. We lost at home to West Ham in the League Cup quater final, lost to the gooners in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and lost every big league match against fellow Champions League contenders. Infact, we were walloped in each of those matches, we didn't even compete. Those results and the manner of those defeats showed us that Tim isn't ready for a job as big as the one at the Lane. Thanks for your efforts, Tim, but we have to look elsewhere for next season's gaffer.

  6. No matter what you lot say about sherwood apart from the keeper and Ericsson the rest are rubbish and not fit to wear the spurs shirt

  7. Arrogant to the last. Good riddance. Shitwood has been a joke. I do give him some credit for playing the youngsters and having some passion, although totally misspent. He has totally alienated players, has no motivational, tactical or any other skills to be a decent manager. They key will be the new manager so fingers crossed

  8. Tim Sherwood is not for me, as I have said many times, but he has done his best and the club had a duty to protect him and they clearly have not, the club need to make a statement clearly stating there intentions because it is becoming embarrassing watching Sherwood in front of the press,
    he seems to have the ability to make himself look stupid as soon as he opens his mouth, I think had he learnt quickly to say very little the better it would have been for him, aside from that his football decisions have been poor in my opinion
    in short Levy is to blame for putting him in that position (and that does not equate to a Levy out statement )


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