Why Sigurdsson chose Spurs over Liverpool


Gylfi Sigurdsson spurned Liverpool’s advances because he believes Tottenham are a club that is going places.

The Iceland midfielder has revealed that he decided that the best decision for his footballing career was a move to White Hart Lane on a reported five-year deal.

The ambition of the Tottenham board helped persuade the 22-year-old to snub a potential link-up with Brendan Rodgers who Sigurdsson played under at Swansea last season.

“I enjoyed playing under Brendan and I am grateful for everything he has done for me, but after careful consideration I liked Spurs best,” Sigurdsson told Icelandic website mbl.is.

“The team has world-class players in their ranks and they play good football, which I like.

“I was impressed with the club’s plans for next season and the coming years.

“There is clearly great ambition at Tottenham and the club intends to do big things.

“It is a pleasure to see that Gareth Bale has signed a new contract.

“There are top players in the team and the club is getting a new training ground.”

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    • We offered the same deal as you his decision to come to spurs was purely footballing reasons and you will see that next season when we will Finish above you again in the table! He hasn’t chosen the club with the best History because that’s all it is and he won’t be apart of that. He has chosen the club with the brighter future and you’ve got to admit that is us!

    • Sorry Alex you sound exactly like most other Liverpool fans, bitter and delusional. Do yourself a favour and admit that at present we are the better club with the brighter future. I'm affraid you may find your other transfer targets choosing Spurs for the same reasons. History means nothing, present is everything!

    • Well if the measure of 'bigness' is league title then Liverpool certainly are a 'bigger club'….and applying the same logic, so are:

      Aston Villa
      Newcastle United
      Huddersfield Town
      Sheffield Wednesday
      Wolverhampton Wanderers
      Leeds United
      Blackburn Rovers

      all of which have one more than our two titles

  1. He chose Spurs because we are the better team at present. Spurs offered a deal what is in line with others. No fancy wages. Nothing to do with history of clubs….


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