Sky Sports pundit spots a flaw in the new Tottenham stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur hosted their first ever Premier League game at the new stadium last Wednesday night, as they welcomed Crystal Palace.

Spurs won the fixture 2-0 with goals from Son and Eriksen to get them off to a winning start at the historic ground.

The club will now host their first ever Champions League game under the lights against Manchester City on Tuesday night, as both teams fight it out to book a place in the semi finals.

Fans have been blown away by the new stadium, from the white wall South Stand, to the iconic golden cockerel, to the endless lines of bars and eateries, as well as the incredible atmosphere.

However, one party pooper at Sky Sports believes he has spotted a potentially fatal flaw in the new stadium.

Charlie Nicholas says that despite the ground being fantastic, it cost the club too much money, putting them under pressure to pay for it and retain Champions League football.

He said (Sky as quoted by HITC): “It’s still too much money. It’s a fortune. I congratulate them on what they’ve built, it looks fantastic. They’ve still got to fill it though.

“I think they had to borrow £100 million to cover the loans. The overheads are £500+ million and staying in the Champions League is important.”

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  1. Charlie Arsenal ex player Nicholls judges every team by the mess Arsenal have made of their new stadium. Spurs have not borrowed £100m. Much less. Spurs stadium is not just for football but also for the use of the community and other Sports.

  2. Another bitter Gooner. It’s not like the Emirates, there is now far more money from Sky/BT today. Spurs will also receive extra revenue from rugby and NFL. We may never have the spending power of the Man City’s if this world. Also the stadium was finished late so how much would the very clever MR.Levy Jae clawed back from the contractors

  3. This is what the oposition dream of, but has no root in reality.
    150m£ profit last year.
    15year Nike deal worth 450m+£
    1million £in food and drinks during first homegame…
    Nfl deal, Audi, Aia, all other sponsors.
    Not a chance. We will invest in the squad.

  4. Oh wow! Charlie Nicholas. Talk about an uninformed -over the hill old dodger. The only thing worse than hearing from him is reading articles by some penny a line hack who thinks Charlie’s opinion would be of value.
    Save yourself the trouble os cruising the curbs and alleyways Seb. No one cares whay Charlie Nicholas thinks.


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