Mr Villas-Boas is on the edge of completing a tremendous first season at White Hart Lane. After being heralded as the next ‘big thing’ after his unbeaten season at Porto, to avoid being clichéd, his balloon unfortunately burst in his next job at Chelsea. But Mr Daniel ‘I’ve got money, but I refuse to buy striker’ Levy took a chance on the young Portu-geezer and handed him the reins after old ‘Arry was knocked off.

Now, just 8 months later, Spurs occupy fourth place in the Premier League. AVB has proven that with this squad, Spurs can beat anyone on their day. We beat Manchester United 3-2 at Old Trafford, and we even managed to sneak a Cup victory away at the might of Carlisle. And here we are, with a golden opportunity to pip our rivals to the post (the post being a metaphor for the Champions League, if that was lost on you) (talking of being lost, hope we aren’t at 5pm on Saturday), and what does AVB need to tell his lads to do?

My favourite verb.


Unfortunately, my humble spell-check on Microsoft Word is telling me that this verb is not, indeed, a verb. Apparently, it’s not a word at all. Well, my favourite Portuguese Ginger Ninja begs to differ. For the purposes of this article, ‘Ignore All’ will come into effect.

We need to be defensively solid. We CANNOT afford to throw away silly points by lapses in concentration. We need to defend as a team. We need to back each other. We need to ensure that we remain defensively solid. Solidificate.
Against the Scouse, we lost due to un-solidification. It was almost as if Messrs Defoe, Walker, Assou-Ekotto and (slightly) Lloris were making a video in how NOT to defend. One may even describe it as laughable. Not me of course. I threw up a little inside. But that’s how bad our defending was. To come fourth, we can’t make those kind of mistakes. Our run-in is tough enough without adding a little extra spice in the form of a defensive horror show.

AVB needs to tell the boys to have confidence, remain calm and most important of all…solidificate.

Let’s not lose this because of a stupid defensive error. Let’s win this because we are Tottenham, we are AVB’s blue and white army, and we know how to solidificate.


*If you don’t have a clue why I am referring to solidification, look up “AVB Burnley solidification” into Google.

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