Spanish Under-21 winger to join Spurs on loan


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Juventus winger Iago Falque is set to join Tottenham Hotspur on loan according to the player’s father.

The Spanish Under-21 international was wanted by Spurs on a permanent basis, but Juve only allowed the loan move to go through after agreeing a new deal with the Spaniard which will see the player contracted to the Italian giants until 2014.

“Iago loves big challenges and this with Spurs is very important,” said Falque Snr.

“It will be hard, but he will fight for his place.

He spent last season on loan at Villarreal.

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  1. Typical Redknapp… why are we taking on a young player from another club and spending the time bringing him on as a player when we have our own youngsters? Why if he's a left winger why is Rose or Townsend not given a chance, if he's a right winger why is Gio not given the chance?

  2. He will be another option to Lennon for a year and may teach our youngsters a thing or two, who may fall in love with our club and come back. I wouldn’t blame Harry for this signing, this would have been done by someone who has a clue. He’s just trying to play it safe to not rule out his England chances. A job he wants not because he thinks He can help win the World Cup, BUT, BECAUSE IT’S A CUSHY WELL PAID JOB WITH LOTS OF SPARE TIME AND HOLIDAYS. I want him to leave but not for the England job. Go while we’ve still got the great players and Tim Sherwood to take over. Please F.Off and take your muppet assistants with you.

    • Totally agree Shinyshoes,Arry is stuck in the 80s,he ain’t got a clue to run a modern team.we got the perfect players for 4/3/3 or 4/2/3/1 but he can’t Change from his old sh*t.Friedel,walker,Dawson,kaboul,BAE,Sandro,modric,VDV,Bale,Adebayor,Lennon.even if we sold mod dic and whilst sandro is injured,we cud play Hudds,Kranjcar,VDV or keep Palacios and play him with Kranjcar and Rafa as a 3 man mid field.we havnt got the players for 4/4/2 or 4/4/1/1 were too light weight in the mid for 2 players unless we loose all creativity and play sandro and palacios.if all we sign is Adebayor and that looks likely now,and loose modric,if we put out Friedel,walker,Dawson,kaboul,BAE,palacios,Kranjcar,VDV,Bale,Adebayor,lennon-to me that’s a top 4 team,we wud have the stopping power of palacios with the skills of kranjaer and Rafa running the mid with the pace of bale and lennon to give defenders heart attacks with the power and finishing ability of Ade up top.with a 3 man mid the options are endless we cud even try Bentley,pienaar,Livermore in there and players like Jenas might come back to form with less pressure on them to deal with everything on their own,but with Arry at the helm none of this will happen,so kindly p**s off Arry.

  3. I think its quite clear majority of Spurs fans want Redknapp out! Some might say how he brought us from bottom 3 to CL qualification. Anyone cud hv done that with our squad of players…and a whole lot of luck. The fans have to put more pressure on him to leave. If Wenger had this squad of players, they wud be in CL every season!

  4. Complete joke. Would never happen. Levy would view it as a waste of wages because we still have Gio and Bentley and god knows how many other players.


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