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On the face of it another shoeing at the hands of one of the Manc clubs shows again, if we didn’t know already, that despite the cracking season we’re having there’s a way to go. This defeat though was far from deserved. Perfect timing is a wonderful thing and it was indeed that quality in United’s opening goals as much as their execution that saw us off. Having had the better of the first half to go in one down was disappointing, to be two down after our response in the second was just taking the piss.

As usual in these fixtures the referee didn’t help but neither did some poor defensive play and some half hearted finishing. It’s only healthy to take these things philosophically, so let’s give it a go. On the back of a heavy defeat and with three big players missing this was far from a roll over and die performance. The Sandro Livermore combination, Assou-Ekotto and Lennon in particular all won their respective individual battles comfortably. With a bit of luck and, possibly, better refereeing we could’ve scored in each half and made them come at us more and leave gaps at the back. It didn’t happen though of course.

One lesson we definitely should learn is that of how to take free-kicks and corners, how much longer are we going to allow Modric to float donkey drops on to the penalty spot or Kaboul to take potshots when the defenders are already only 3 yards from him? Our corners especially are an embarrassment. Their first goal came after Sandro’s indiscretion (and subsequent random booking – similar punishments weren’t meted out later when Rooney and Evra committed far more deliberate and cynical fouls) allowed Young to put us under pressure from first a whipped in free-kick and then a corner, the quality of both being nothing out of the ordinary but apparently impossible for any of our players to replicate.

The last two results mean that anyone hoping for a Champions League place to be wrapped up by the time they’ve finished their Easter eggs is going to be disappointed. Our fate though, as the cliché goes, is still in our own hands and our run in, especially after the next two fixtures are out of the way gives us every chance of finishing third. It’s been an unpleasant eight days; any talk of a crisis though is wide of the mark.

Stevenage next and a good chance of getting back to winning ways.


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  1. lets get some hardc core fans at the white hart soon instead of all the wannabee cockney pussies on here and at facebook

  2. The Stevenage game should have told our fans some thing is in the water when Spurs are next on the menu all our last 13 games will have one thing in common work rate will be high. The game against went like this Utd let us have the ball and when we threatened there goal they all got behind the ball and took it of us or made us miss our chances. When we did score once again one of our players got in the way of the goal would Saha have scored anyway we wont no. Then Utd had there second corner and some bad defending lost us the ball we then gave away a free kick and we all no what happens when Utd have not bossed the game and Alex boot throwing Ferguson is waiting to bollock them. The goal showed what is wrong with our exciting attacking team with a shaky defence Friedel is only a shot stopper and and the wrong side of forty and if Harry does not change things our defence will keep losing games we should win or draw. The three goals where all stoppable by Friedel and this is why all defences make mistakes and this is when you keeper can win or lose games Friedel leaves every cross to his defence to clear Mnangers now this and especially Young who played with and knew Freidel would not come for his free kick Young picked out maxi muscled Rooney being marked by Walkerand it was a goal. This is what should have happened with the angle of the cross the ball would be hard to defend so Friedel should have tracked the ball and punched it away. The second Goal was down to Modric who hesitated when the ball was thrown to the Utd playerbut Friedel should have snuffed the ball out by diving on the weak cross that Walker messed up by using his wrong foot to defend the ballso all three wher at fault for the second goal Modric Friedel Wlaker Friedel twice not cutting the cross out before Walkers gaff and also he was inside is goal when young hit the net and left a gap for him to score. The last goal was again caused by two players Kaboul standing of Young and Friedel again who was way of his line inviting Young to shoot. He knew how to beat forty year old Friedel from the Villa training Ground this would have been an easier shot to save if Friedel was on his line. This would be a seven foot dive and tip over but where he was it became nine foot save he could not reach and the ball sailed over his Fort year old slower body. This is now the time to bring back Gomes because this team can cope with one gaff but five and three goals is terminal.

  3. actually davspurs although he cant spell gets it right a lot of the time and thats much better than a lot of the pussies who go to football stadiums over the land.


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