Spurs 2-1 Birmingham – Match Video Highlights


Aaron Lennon Wilson Palacios - Header

Check below for highlights of Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 victory against Birmingham City at White Hart Lane, courtesy of goals from Peter Crouch and Aaron Lennon.

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  1. Look at the work Huddlestone did in the 5th minute of injury time to make Carr lpse the ball!!! Palacios has not only rubbed off on him, he maybe turning into him!!!

  2. Was you at the game Nicky? if so surely you noticed that Huddlestone was our weakest link again. Whenever he progresses more than two thirds up the pitch and the team lose pocession he never makes it back in time, he has to be one of the slowest unfit players in the league. He is the reason Wilson always tires after 60mins, basically from being overworked! You cannot be a modern day midfielder with just passing ability alone!

  3. PaxtonPaul your being a bit harsh on Hudd their fella – Its Huddlestones passing ability that is the focal point of our attacks. The balance has to be there, you cant have 4 Palacios’ in midfield mate. Yes he has to be more mobile I agree but let him do his job which is to create us openings/chances


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