Spurs announce revised stadium plans – Large Kop stand – Pics Inside


New White Hart Lane - Header

Tottenham Hotspur have formally submitted the planning application for the new White Hart Lane stadium, which has been amended to include a single tier stand.

The new stadium will have a capacity of 56,250 and promises to seat the spectators closer to the pitch that at any other comparable stadium in the UK.

Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, said: “The submission of the application is a hugely important step for the Club.

“This is a multi-million pound investment in the area which brings with it housing, retail, a hotel, a supermarket, expanded community services and jobs and an exceptional public square. We have designed what will be a vibrant area 365 days a year and not a stadium with dead space surrounding it.

“Our desire from the outset has been to create a scheme of major benefit for local people and to deliver the most fan-friendly stadium in Europe.

“The inclusion of a new single tier stand combined with a fantastic stadium design demonstrates our absolute commitment to create the most atmospheric stadium for our supporters.

“Every fan will have an exceptional view of the action and will find themselves closer to the pitch than at any other comparable stadium.

“We have also embraced environmental sustainability as part of the plans, delivering a 40% reduction in carbon emissions against current building regulations which will make it one of the best performing of its kind in the UK.

“Tottenham Hotspur is proud of its roots in Haringey and the Northumberland Development Project will act as a powerful catalyst for the uplift of the wider area. We have had an exceptionally positive response to our consultation activities and I am personally delighted to have reached this stage.”

Ledley King, Club Captain, said: “Spurs has been my life – the current matchday atmosphere is unrivalled, it’s electric, players can almost reach out and touch it. The fans have such a key role to play and I’m delighted the new stadium has been designed to maintain that atmosphere. It’s what makes Tottenham Hotspur what it is.”

New White Hart Lane - Full Size

New White Hart Lane - Full Size

New White Hart Lane - Full Size

New White Hart Lane - Full Size

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  1. What a joke that Spurs have to copy Liverpool’s ground with a single tier “Kop”. What next? Buying plastic flags and mass produced scarves for everyone to wave like Chelsea have tried and failed at. It’s an embarrassment!

  2. “What’s the point in having a Kop stand when you’ve got some of the quietest home fans in the Premier League?”

    Just like anfield then!!

  3. You LFC fans are so pathetic. You are simply jealous. You think you have the rights to a single tier stand? Get a life and a football team…..

  4. Why are Liverpool fans commenting they have no money to build a new stadium, guess what stick with your existing kop you will be having it for a few more years yet.

    Mind you the blue half of liverpool are skint as well why dont you both do a deal with morrisons and build the worlds biggest chippy !

  5. All you Spurs fan are delussional, can’t you come up with something original than to copy Anfield’s KOP..
    BillioSpur – wakeup to yourself you moron.. what are we jealous about, we ahve history and what do you bogans have? answer SFA!!!

  6. i’m a kopite… but fk it .. i hope u build this stadium which is more than we did.. we been promised a stadium for years and it aint happened so for people to knock ye for copying a stadium that only exists in our imagination isnt fraud at all. good luck to the yids

    • Thanks new there must be reasonable Liverpool fans around instead of those coming on to Spurs sites just to have a go

  7. what are these bin dippers banging on about, they aint the first club to ever have a single tiered stand anyway, if it makes the atmosphere better theres no reason why we shouldnt have one…its probably the fact its gunna be the best single tiered stand that they cant bare, that silly kop end aint worth a wank! and quiestest home fans dunno about that? prat

  8. So , because there is no tier we are copying liverpool ! i never knew they had the patent for tierless stadia design, oh well we learn something new everyday i suppose , Anyway the new stadium looks superb & i’m not worried about what the lfc fans think ., history,history blah blah blah , time to move on

  9. Cracking new stadium! Single Tier stand is fantastic and a change from the recent new and boring stadiums. Think it would have been better to seat around 65,000, but you cant have everything.

  10. Yet another bowl regardless of a single tier or not, its still a bowl which is a design at the limits of current day architecture. So in theory a design which is old hat. Liverpool submitted a design similar to this back in 1999 since then they have moved on and architecturally this design is flawed and defunked. It will take a much more innovative design to be cutting edge and commercial everyone has a bowl these days. A stunning design will bring people to see it such as the empire state building and sydney opera house etc however a bowl well you can pretty much see one anywhere else in the world. It may be functional but cutting edge it is not and certainly the capacity is no where near enough, liverpool’s new stadium if built will have 65,000 with an expansion capacity of 73,000 and manchester united’s ground already has 76,000+ so effectively a stadium is going to be built subject to planning permission which cant compete with its rivals. In my opinion for a big club like spurs this is a fundamental failing. Any club to survive needs to make themselves more commercially attractive and viable.

  11. Isn’t it great that we can learn from Arsenal who took the most placid fans in Britain and put them in a soul-less, shallow bowl where the atmosphere disappears horizonally, rather than vertically. I’m so glad they built their stadium first! COYS

  12. why are liverpool and spurs fans knocking each other, we’re two clubs that try and do things properly, the fans turn up and fill the ground whether we’re doing well on badly, stop slinging mud at each other, we have plenty in common.

  13. looks tatty and garish from the outside which is inkeeping with your average spud fan. i do like the look of the inside though and wish you luck in trying to build it.

  14. My big concern is the proximity of Northumberland Park Station, and the underground depot which sits adjacent. Surely funds could be found to erect an ajoining underground station on that site!
    The benifits must be obvious, for gods sake somebody show some joined up thinking here!
    ps Cant wait for the stadium-brilliant!

  15. A hotel at Spurs – what a joke. Who would want to stay in that part of town – it is a sh1t hole. Would rather sleep rough on the streets haha.

  16. It’s spectacular, definately the best visually aesthetic wise in England. However I concur with most peoples fears; is there room for furhter expansion in this stadium?

  17. I once found a great street in Liverpool it was called M6 SOUTH, and I bet the Chelsea fan, really lives in Chelsea? whereas many Spurs fans like myself need a hotel room after the game, firstly so we can have a drink, rather than drive home, and moreover to get the Nectar points for European Hotel discounts, which we'll need.

  18. im a spurs diehard and to me i dosnt look antin like the kop ,it more like dortmunds ,real high an steep, none of whitch the kop are


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