Spurs condemn sacked radio presenter for ‘blatant antisemitism’

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have condemned former MP George Galloway for an alleged anti-Semitic comment he made on Twitter after the Champions League final on Saturday evening.

Galloway took to social media following Tottenham’s 2-0 defeat against Liverpool in Madrid when he congratulated Jurgen Klopp’s side and added that there would be “no Israel flags on the cup.” which is an alleged reference to the North London side’s strong links within the Jewish community.

The 64-year-old has since been sacked by talkRADIO with the radio station confirming on Monday that they had terminated his weekly show whilst insisting they do not tolerate such views.

Following his Tweet, Galloway defended the post by claiming that a some Spurs fans at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium were flying the flag of Israel in the crowd and it showed an affiliation to a “racist state”.

He replied to the Tweet by claiming: “See you in Court guys.”

Tottenham gave the following statement to Sky Sports News on Sunday: “It’s astounding in this day and age to read such blatant antisemitism published on a social platform by someone who is still afforded air time on a radio station on which he has previously broken broadcast impartiality rules.”


It is certainly welcoming to see our club and talkRADIO react swiftly to these comments.

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  1. Seeing an Israeli flag flying in the crowd even if in your opinion you think Israel is a racist nation, does not give anyone one the right to make anti-Semitic remarks. Especially on a public broadcast station when you are talking to 1,000s of individuals.
    In my opinion Galloway is a vendictive and spiteful person. He should be removed from any position where he is interacting with large numbers of the public. He strikes me as being racist and dangerous.

  2. Although I respect everyones individual views , sports have no place for discremenatory or derogatory remarks. I am a Muslim and like me there are many more Tottenham supporters worldwide. Therefore Galloway should keep his politics elsewhere. Tottenham is not Israel but has like me many Jewish supporters and why not? We are all the same so don’t try to disunite us.

  3. So what if some Spurs fans want to wave an Israeli flag? Fellow fans of his beloved Celtic fly the Irish tricolour.

    George Galloway is just a loud mouthed bigot. Nice to see Alan Sugar just telling him to shove it. Debating with racists like GG is pointless.

    I am not Jewish but feel that whilst racism towards black and mixed race players takes place because cowards think that they can get away with it in a crowd or on social media, anti semitism is becoming much more open. It all needs stamping out and the cowards exposed. NOW!

  4. This damn fool Galloway is like so many on the extreme ‘left’.
    He has lost all sense of proportion in his comments/protests about what he
    perceives to be the wrongs of society. Of course, there are MANY
    wrongs in society ..which any right (or left) minded person should
    fight against, but, with the extreme left, their arguments are often
    beyond reason, sinking into politically-correct overkill at best,
    or fascism at worse. With the antisemitism question, these idiots have gone
    way beyond fair criticism of the Israeli state and its treatment of the
    Palestinians. To the new, young and wholly ignorant enrolees to the left in
    the UK, all Jews, and their views, are associated with Israel, Zionism, Capitalism,
    Insularity, Oppression, Greed and Control. Now THAT is antisemitism ..while
    reasoned opposition (based on knowledge) to the actions of the Israeli government in its
    dealings with the Palestinians since 1948 is fair and appropriate. The ‘older’ far left, like
    Corbyn, Livingstone and Galloway know all this, but do nothing to dispel misconceptions,
    based on ignorance of history and Judaism itself, and therefore allow antisemitism/racism to not
    only persist, but to thrive. Many Jews are anti-Zionist in the worst aspects of expansionism, but this is
    never pointed out by the ‘absent’ fathers of the far left.
    Inaction on their part is, in itself, evil, but in Livingstone’s, and now Galloway’s, case it
    becomes monstrous when Israel is cited in a clearly provocative and anti-Jewish/antisemitic way.
    In Galloway’s stupid (no, deliberate) tweet, the association with Spurs and Israel becomes a dangerous
    suggestion, and he knows this as he continues his lick spittle support for everything associated
    with Islam (whether good or bad).
    These fringe politicians are no better than the oh so clever masterminds of Nazi Germany who casually and later dramatically whipped up the ignorant masses into a frenzy of hate for Jews, and which turned to murder; and they are certainly no better than the racist ignorant far right in this country.
    Funny how the young left will stomp through the streets en masse’ and fight any ‘fascist’ they can with any weapon to hand, and yet they possess the same fascist tendencies and misplaced prejudices and hatreds that their opponents have!


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