“Spurs did make an enquiry, that is true”


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Tottenham Hotspur are reported to be interested in West Ham United striker Carlton Cole.

Reports in the press on Sunday claimed that Arsenal had secured the first option to buy Cole, but this has been dismissed by club sources.

A West Ham source told Soccernet: “It’s news to us that Arsenal have first option on Carlton Cole, but Spurs did make an enquiry, that is true.”

The Hammers are facing relegation from the Premier League and will have to sell their key players should they be playing Championship football next season.


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  1. JJ and 3 million for Parker, no way!!

    We could sell JJ for about 7-10 million and sign Parker for 5 million if they get relegated!

    But back onto the article, i'd love Cole at Spurs he would be class next to Defoe!! And he's a striker that can play on his own which would give us more options

  2. If we were to sign CC, that would probably spell the end for Crouchie…(or maybe Gudhjohnsen's loan would not become a permanent deal). Either way, there is good evidence to suggest CC and Defoe could strike a lethal partnership, just depends also what would happen if Pav if he had to sit on the bench…

  3. Surely Carlton Cole would have been the replacement had we sold Pav?

    So maybe that was part of the reason Pav (thankfully) stayed is that we couldn't get the replacement Arry wanted in CC for a reasonable fee. Cole is a decent player, but on his day Pav is better – but how many more good days has Pav got in him before summer comes and he's linked with a host of Russian clubs again?


  4. I'm an Italian Tottenham(and Internazionale)fan and i don't understand why you guys hate JJ…i think he's not complete as Hudd or Wilson but is a very offensive midfielder,with some great finishing skills…maybe he's not fit 4 the Premier because lacks of the physical side…but as a Inter fan i'd like to see him traded with Muntari! what do you think guys?

  5. Fabio spurs. It would be a done deal if I had my way. He’s a useless lazy toad who’s had far more chances than he deserves.

  6. Oh yeah. And as for Carlton cole, the real subject of this pointless article, forget it. He’s a donkey. When we qualify for the champions league we’ll be able to attract much better players.

  7. Carlton Cole couldn't hit a barnyard door with the farmers shotgun!!

    Having been "invited" by some West ham friends to East Ham to watch that rubbish play I can seriously say I see no need for the player to turn up for us.

    He's overly greedy, moans when he doesn't get the ball, his off the ball running when they attack is poor or non existent – unless of course he's the player in the area and more often than not his shots end up in Row Z.

    His game doesn't suit our game and he definitely is not a 20-25 goal a season striker so overall zero value as an addition to the squad!!! COYS

  8. I just love how people keep suggesting that this striker or that could partner up well with Defoe. Where's your proof? Berbatov – NO, Keane – NO, Bent – NO, Mido – NO, Crouch – not that I've seen, Pav – again, not that I've seen, Rooney – NO. So what makes anyone think that Carlton Cole could succeed where all those other bums failed. Sorry, Defoe is uni-dimensional and needs to be given the ball in a shooting position. He's very good at that, but forming a partnership of creativity, not that I've seen. On Carlton Cole, why? Pav, Defoe, Eidur, Crouch – 4 very different strikers who give many different looks. It will be hard enough to get all 4 sufficient playing time, without adding someone else. Sell Keane, take the money, add Gio and get Turan. Now that's something every striker would like – speed and delivery from both wings. COYS


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