Spurs Europa League draw – who we face


Group A:

Rubin Kazan
Shamrock Rovers

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  1. Spurs normally will finish first in that group.
    Rubin is weakened this season.
    PAOK is a good team if they keep Veirinha that reached last 16 last season.

  2. If we try and if no really good teams get sent down after the champions league group stages, we could win this comp easily. Especially if we sign Messi on deadline day as I strongly predict we will.

  3. lets not knock this competition the way i see it is it will give fringe players and our youth players a chance to prove to harry they can do him a job and when the going gets tough in the league and we get alot of injuries in say feb march and we can't sign anyone if these guys prove they are worthy anyone of them could get a start and win us a game that could get us cl football this year.Its a trophy a WINABLE trophy i'd rather lift the europa league than go all out for cl and come up short football is about lifting trophies. People may knock this competion but for every shamrock rovers there is a tottenham psg are in it quality team athletico madrid (who falcao actually chose over us)psv sporting lisbon not everbody in this competition is poor and when you get to the latter stages you will be facing tough opposition.We need to stop acting like were to big for europa league i'd rather be there and everybody saying well your only in europa than listening to all the gooner scum going you did'nt even make europe.Remember how great it was when jol first got us back into to europe how happy we was to be back in the mix in any european competion i say let's try and win it lift a trophy watch the scum go trophyless again and rub their scummy noses in it

  4. OH yes PAOK is a real team allright espesially when they knocked out Arsenal when the gunners won the chanpionship and the FA CUP that year in England Think my clever one that even Barcelona did not win in thessaloniki s toumba stadium(they lost 1-0) with real payers in their team at the time johan croyf one of them.Diego Maradona did not win in Thessaloniki with Napoli and there is a long list of first class teams who lost at PAOK s Tumba Stadium.So before yousay a stupid thing you better think and respect all the opponents,ask Arsenal they know

      • I did not say that Spurs wont win ,i just reply to Dave who asked if the other teams are real ,showing disrespect.
        Best regards from Greece(I HOPE YOU DO WELL IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP)

  5. my favorite english team will face my favorite greek team, lucky me! Hopefully both will make the next round. So the Spurs should enjoy the show on Sept 15th and not be to confident. Otherwise they will get sliced and diced in the Toumba stadium as many others before. Maybe they even get fried… watch this and you may understand :)



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