Spurs fans react to embarrassing Man City display

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It’s fair to say that Manchester City absolutely schooled Tottenham Hotspur this evening with a comfortable 4-1 win.

The performance of the Tottenham players did not go down well with the fans who took to social media to vent their frustration.

It could have easily been more than four, especially with City missing a penalty and Tottenham offering very little in the final third of the pitch. Christian Eriksen’s goal came too little too late.

If we are to be a genuine ‘top four’ club, we have to be better than this – and so does our record against the clubs at the top of the table.

Here’s a selection of what the Spurs fans have had to say about the game.

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  1. poch is acting like an idiot, same old stupid excuses, always making late subs and cant even change tactics, 4 _1 is a hiding please wake up and smell the coffee also get rid of dead wood

  2. So glaring…Trippier was overrun..BUT Nothing done. Alli n Eriksen were missing..esp Alli. DIER is no defender. .M City was running at Spurs at will.

  3. Not one player put in a decent shift today, a couple of players played so bad they really need to be dropped. Sanchez back next week so Dier should be dropped, I wouldn’t even have him on the bench, he made so many mistakes that cost us it’s untrue. Trippier had one of the worst games I’ve seen him have for Spurs. Lloris is a clown too, for a keeper that is rated as highly as he is, he can’t kick a ball, his distribution is abysmal. Rose, Winks, Dembele, Eriksen, Alli, Son even Harry Kane Mr Spurs himself had a mare. We desperately need to acquire some quality in the transfer window or we can kiss goodbye to getting into the Champions League, that won’t go down well as we move into our new stadium, we’ll be lucky to get Europa League on performances like that.

  4. Has eriksen got it written in his contract he can’t be dropped as poor as ever and why try to play out from back!!!! But don’t worry players be out in Manchester in an hour in VIP area of night clubs splashing fans cash

  5. We were supposed to be Citys biggest test !! Oh dear. Been saying for weeks now that some players appear to be 'undroppable' which is so wrong and down to the manager. And I've been laughed at when naming Lloris as a main contender. His decision making is awful and his distribution atrocious. Don't tell me he is playing to instructions when continually passing across his box cos if he is it doesn't work for Christ sake. Has he no mind of his own ? We cant score by playing tip tap in our own area. As 'captain' (said loosely) he should change tactics as he sees fit, as in the days of Mackay,Perryman, Mabbutt & Sherringham. The lad Gazzaniga won us the game v Palace and should have remained in goal. Lloris is living on past reputations. And as for Trippier, totally clueless and too busy shitting himself. Looks like a ball boy in swimming trunks continually treading water. What exactly did Aurier do wrong during the week ? I beggars belief how the manager appears to be dodging the flak cos its his poor selections, rotations and tinkering that's causing half the problem. His ego seems to have overtaken Dele's. From managing a side that finished 8th and 12 points behind us, he is suddenly appointed our manager, having won nothing, becomes some sort of messiah over the past 2 seasons, launches a book half way through the next detailing 'in house doings' whilst still managing these players, having still won nothing and is now wondering where its all gone wrong ???? I had my doubts when the appointment was made, still do, and I have seen all the managers since watching my 1st game at WHL on the 5th April 1962 v Benfica . Cant actually remember any of them, even those that won something, yes including Graham and Ramos, ever launching a book about themselves mid season ! Time to look at yourself MP before we find ourselves mid table.

    • I have to agree with Kayembee, shocking is the word, we have a goalie who can`t kick a ball let alone organise a defence, he kicks out to a defender when he clearly has someone next to him, is he coached to do this, we send £25 mill on a right back who is a bit unpredictable, but he is certainly quicker than Trippier and we don't play him,
      why we went gung ho with that lot I don't know, we should have sat in and played on the break, I am sure we would not have won today regardless, but we would have come out with more credit than we deserve after that shambles, Winks and Dembele out of their depth today, needed another player in there amongst it all ,Ericsson gives the ball away every time it goes to him, can we really get £70-80 million for Ali ? Take it Take it Now he wont be missed after recent performances that's for sure, no control ,poor passing, falling over ,skipping, and then kicking people. Time to change things Pooch too many players in a comfort zone, Dembele not good enough, when did he last score a goal?? Dier should have been allowed to go to UTD, he has gone backwards, certainly no CB, Sissoko not great, but he does run , can`t say that about too many of them today.
      Pooch hopefully will learn from this or will he be another, Francis, , Gross , AVB, Sherwood, Redknapp, Hoddle
      All won NOTHING

  6. Wow guys. Just lashing out the blame aimlessly now eh? Take a breath and calm the tits down. Yes that was poor af. In fact, we look absolutely outclassed. Something is amiss. Your solutions to our issues are all pretty crap if im honest. Transfer market. Drop dele… and then? That will magically transform us into a better unit? The team game is off kids. And when the team ain't in sync, nothing will work.

    Half our players not fit, half of them lacking confidence, some of them have their heads turned possibly. Okay amazing. If i played for a team with fans half as abusive as you guys… id probably piss right off too. What disappoints me more than the result is the fans, their backlash and total lack of support. I get it. It's frustrating. But if there's a solution I trust one guy to figure it out. Poch. Unfortunately the man is expected to work it out overnight of course.

    Our form was always building to this result. I almost didn't want to watch the game, could see this coming based on how many weaknesses we had developed of late. That's fine. I know they'll work through it. Those who leave, leave. The remainders will regroup along with the replacements. It's a long game. Don't be so impatient and abusive because your pride took a hit. Support your fucking team.


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