Spurs fans react to Pochettino’s ‘negative’ FA Cup comments

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been reacting on Twitter to the news that Mauricio Pochettino believes that Tottenham do not “need” to win the FA Cup and it would not move them “to a different level”.

Pochettino was speaking at the pre-match press conference ahead of the semi-final clash against Manchester United at Wembley and instead feels that the club should instead focus on trying to win the Premier League or Champions League which would help to propel the club forward.

Spurs fans have not tasted domestic trophy success in over 10 years, when we lifted the League Cup against Chelsea and had the following to say about Pochettino’s comments.

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  1. Poch, win something man. You don’t matter. The club fans and player do. They all want to win FA Cup. They won to win EPL and CL too. But Poch has failed to do so this year. So at least win for the fans. Any other attitude is insecure and hypocritical. As a Spurs fan I will love to stop saying we won FA Cup for the 8th time last 27 years back. Kane was not born then. And that since we have lost FA Cup semis 7 times. Last time 4-2 against Chelsea.
    Poch is dead wrong. We play more attractive football but even Chelsea and Arsenal are ahead of us in silverware in the last 4 years representing Poch’s regime at WHL. Hell. Even Leicester is ahead.

  2. Leicester City didn’t move to another level..? Stop talking bollocks do your job, Pochettino… I’m sure Ossie and Ricky Villa don’t agree with your flannel…
    Motivate the team to start the match from the kick off not in the last 20 minutes.
    The FA Cup would lift the supporters to another level we are paying high levels for the privilege of watching next season at the new destination NWHL.

  3. The ambition of the club lies entirely with the chairman.For the foreseeable future the ambition is to be an “arsenal” i.e. compete to be a top 4 club for the money,trophies mean nothing and from the number of fans that support that theory he has great backing.However,Arsenal have got a far better trophy cabinet due to their fantastic ability to recruit players like Bergkamp,Henry etc etc. and depth to support them.Levy has claimed that the new stadium will restrict the amount of money available to compete with other top clubs,yet he deems it fit to award himself,and no doubt others, tremendous salary increases .I would have thought that such action would only have taken place when the club has actually achieved something other than accolades for being a well run business.From our manager’s remarks I cannot see us winning tonight,I hope I am wrong,but such negative attitudes to the world’s greatest “Cup” is a disgrace.


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